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Will Federer be ready for the US Open? – SportsUntapped.com
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Added July 14th, 2010 by Jonas

Will Federer be ready for the US Open?
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There are mainly two interesting questions before this year’s US open. Will Nadal’s body hold up? And will Federer be back for the last slam of the year, like he did in 2008 after a year plagued by mono and God knows what.

It seems like many commentators/experts think that Nadal will finally be able to keep his insanely high level for the entire season and actually win the US Open. Looking at the odds, they are co-favorites around 3.50 times your money (BetUS, Sportsinteraction and Bodog). This is not surprising as Nadal has never won it (although he seems to play on a different level this year, one where he wins casually almost, without playing his best) and Federer has won it five times.

In the end it is always hard to choose between Nadal and Federer and like Steve Tignor writes at Tennis.com it is when you count one of them out that he comes back to prove you wrong. Maybe it will be Federer’s turn to come back, just like in 2008 where everybody pretty much had written him off as a has-been. Being a Federer fan, that is of course what I hope.

What I think is different though. Because I think that like last year we will have a dark horse winner. Someone like Isner gives you around 60 times your money and is definitely worth a bet or at least your belief. Or why not  Andy Roddick or even a guy like Davydenko? Czech Tomas Berdych is in great form and Robin Soderling seems very ready to rumble in the slams.

Someone wants to bet on Andy Murray? I don’t know. There is something about Andy Murray that I just can’t warm to. He definitely needs to be more positive on the court and more aggressive with his shots, then he has a shot to win it, although I think he will be blown away by an Isner or Soderling along the way.

Djokovic has breathing problems and problems going all the way in any tournament nowadays it seems. He is still one of the most talented players on the tour, but something always seem to come in the way of him giving justice to that talent. Therefore I don’t see him reaching past the semis in New York either.

In the end I don’t think Federer will be ready. I think this year will be a disappointment to him. But I sincerely hope he can make some graceful steps to take a slam or two in 2011.

Nadal’s knees will hold up, but in the end he won’t feel as fluid on a hardcourt and that is why I can’t see him get to the final. But  if he does, he will win, because Nadal will never ever lose a grand slam final again.

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13 Responses to “Will Federer be ready for the US Open?”

  1. ton skeel says:

    This weeks us open?? errr.
    … also… “And Will Federer be back in good form like he did in 2008?” is a sentence of such horrid grammatical construction that it merits the death penalty.

  2. Beanbag says:

    Go Jonas. Stay loyal to Federer. Everyone else is writing him off and being downright mean

    Hope you are wrong about RN and grand slams. He certainly is a determined little weasel but he is beatable.

    Federer will come back and knock socks off everyone. I SO HOPE SO!

  3. Jonas says:

    Ode to Ton Skeel

    I was drunk.
    I was high.
    I was watching porn with my left eye.
    I made a grammatical mistake
    and now I deserve to die.

    Sorry about the sloppy writing, Ton. Although I think the death penalty might be a bit harsh. Will be more careful though now that I know I have your watching eye on me.

  4. Jonas says:

    Thanks for the comment Beanbag. I will always be loyal to Federer, nobody plays the game as gracefully as the mighty Fed. Although his mental approach has been disappointing lately, I know he will be back for more slams. Come on!

  5. Anya says:

    Roger will be back. He will win again. He’s not through winning Grand Slams yet. He still nanerichas many years of outstanding play left inside him. But, he needs to adopt a more gracious attitude and give credit where credit is due to his winning opponents.
    I see so many mean and negative posts about Roger, but he truly is a tennis icon. His style of play is a joy to watch.

  6. jibi says:

    All i can say is who r we to foresee federer form,
    He is too g8 a player to be judged.And havin said that its a mater of when he decides that he wants to win smthin he will go and get , if we could see that but we cant bcoz we r mere spectators

  7. appollo says:

    Yes, Roger will be back, too bad it will in the senior circuit!!

  8. David J. Heinrich says:

    I think Federer is still the favorite to win it.

    And to say Nadal will never lose another GS final again borders on ridiculous. The only way that will probably happen is if he suddenly falls off and goes from winning GS tournaments to not even making the finals.

  9. lub says:

    Why is everyone fooled by Kneedal’s this and that injury? I am convinced that many of his “injuries” are concocted and used as ploys to aid his GAMESMANSHIP. Some players do not mind winning at all costs, fair or FOUL.

  10. Jonas says:

    Thanks for commenting David J. I know the statement that Nadal will never ever lose a GS final again was a bit \out there\, but I also think that if he goes that far in a tournament, he is always the stronger one mentally and that will make him go the extra mile. Of course I might be wrong but it sure makes for an interesting discussion.

  11. Tran says:

    I wish that he will be ready, but I can easily see him win few more slams before stopping.

  12. Al Palomar says:

    Two players with contrasting styles and personalities make a rivalry more riveting to watch. Nadal and Federer are the quintessential perfect tennis players in this era, and sports fans should take the time to watch whenever the two get to play each other,finals or not.

    As the number 3 player in the world, Federer might not be on Nadal’s opposite side of the draw. If he’s not then he’ll plays Nadal before the finals. Whoever wins will most likely win the U.S.Open.

    Any Nadal-Federer match is the best entertainment in town–bar none.

  13. Vizz Media says:

    Federer and Nadal are the only pair of men to have finished six consecutive calendar years as the top two ranked players on the ATP Tour, from 2005-2010.

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