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Vick Now Most Popular NFL Player
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As of Wednesday, Michael Vick is the most popular player in the NFL, at least in terms of Pro Bowl fan voting. Vick has received 729,838 votes, more than any other player in the league, and 38,692 more than his closest competition — Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. It’s an amazing turnaround considering all Vick has had to overcome in the past few years.

Two years ago, Vick was still unjustly incarcerated, the innocent victim of racism and persecution. Then the Eagles gave him a chance — rather slowly, wasting him all of last season as a backup, but a chance nonetheless. Vick wasn’t even Philadelphia’s starter to open the season, but immediately made his presence felt when Kevin Kolb was injured in the Eagles opener against the Packers.

Less than three months ago, The Q Score company reported that Vick was America’s most hated athlete. How do we explain the groundswell of popular support for such a talented but previously so polarizing player? Do fans love Vick because of his inspiring comeback from persecution, or do they just love winners?

Vick seems to think it might be a little of both. “I just think it’s a credit to everything I’ve tried to accomplish on and off the field,” the superstar said. “Just working as hard as I can to change things around and be part of the solution and not the problem. It changed my life, so everybody can do it.”

Vick also gave most of the credit to his coaches and teammates:

It’s a great honor, a great position to be in right now, … but it’s a credit to my coaches, a credit to my teammates, … guys who just helped me get through this season. I can’t do it without my team, I can’t do it without my teammates, … I’m just thankful to have these guys in my life, these coaches in my life.

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