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Added February 24th, 2010 by Ryan

The Black Mamba Strikes Again!
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There are few players in the NBA today that can be considered great finishers. The Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James is getting increasingly better at finishing off teams in the fourth quarter and the Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony has also improved his performance when the game is on the line, most recently against LeBron James and company, but not player in the league today can compared to the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant when it comes to hitting the game-winning shot. Lot of the sports betting companies called it too.

Back in the day Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls was a deadly finisher when the game was on the line, so good that you almost expected him to hit the game-winning shot, but since MJ only Kobe has been comparable to the Jordan’s clutch ability in the fourth quarter.

Before last night’s game in Memphis, Kobe Bryant had missed five straight games for the Lakers and neglected to play in the All-Star game in order to get some much needed rest and time to heal his multiple injuries.

Despite not having Kobe in the lineup, the Los Angeles Lakers had won four of the five games in which the Black Mamba had sat out with their only loss coming against their arch rivals in the Boston Celtics which was decided by just one point.

Even though the Lakers leading scorer had been out almost the entire month of February, the reigning NBA Finals MVP got right back to business on Wednesday night against the Memphis Grizzlies as it seemed like he hadn’t missed any time at all by finishing the game with 32 points, seven rebounds, six assists, three steals, two blocks and most importantly the game-winning three pointer!

Lamar Odom and Ron Artest may have struggled in Kobe’s return combining for only eight points, but Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum were able to pick up the slack with 22 points and 15 rebounds coming from the Spaniard and 15 points coming from Bynum who was just glad to get out of Memphis without a serious injury for the first time in three seasons.

This game was pretty sloppy for the Lakers and the Grizzlies as both teams turned the ball over 17 times, but even though in the fourth quarter it seemed like Memphis were on the verge of taking over the game, they couldn’t stop Kobe Bryant from hitting his fifth game-winning shot of the season with only four seconds remaining.

How often do you bet on lakers when doing NBA basketball betting? Probably a lot right? Same in my case.

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