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Tennis Betting Odds and Federer – SportsUntapped.com
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Added July 15th, 2010 by Jonas

Tennis Betting Odds and Federer
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Why mention Federer in the headline? Because I think it is interesting that as soon as you write something about the great champ you alway get hordes of Fedophiles reading and commenting. I think that is great (which may have something to do with that I am a Federer fan myself) but it is also nice to have a lively site where people can discuss the sport and if the Fed fans are most willing to do that, then that is fine.

A lot of my posts here at Sportsuntapped is about tennis betting and betting odds. That is because I bet a lot on tennis myself and make a decent profit out of it. I scan my favorite betting sites every day for interesting matches and bets and if I see a “risk” or a bet I am willing to take, then I do that.

Betting on Federer is of course difficult, because you never get any good odds on him winning, except for maybe on outright winner bets (betting on him winning the tournament). What I do sometimes is bet against him, because then it is almost a win-win. If Federer loses I get money as a consolation and if he wins, it is not so bad, because Federer actually won! This may sound weird to you, but being a Federer fan is difficult to explain to someone who is not. It is not about nationality, it is about personality, graceful movement, precision and shotmaking. Federer’s movement just looks more fluid than others (cat-like) and you have never in history seen a player who makes it look easier to play tennis against the toughest opposition.

I realise I am going on a Federer rant, which happens easily, and I need to stop myself. Let’s instead take a look at what odds sites like Bodog, Sportsinteraction, and BetUS offer today.

In Stuttgart Björn Phau is for some reason down to 1.66 against Marco Chudinelli that is on 2.10. I think Chudinelli is the favorite here so 2.10 is actually decent value for money.

Gulliermo Garcia-Lopez is up to 2.20 against Florian Mayer (1.61) at Bodog which I think gives you good betting value as well. Garcia-Lopez is a better clay court player than Mayer.

Match of the day is Nieminen playing Almagro in Bastad, but I can’t see how Nieminen can win it.

By the way, Soderling did a lose a set against Vinciguerra yesterday, but managed to win the third 6-2.

I just realized there weren’t that many interesting odds to write about today, but at least you got a Federer rant!

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  1. Emma says:

    Wow I do the exact same thing, betting against him so I get money as a consolation prize!

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