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Tebow Talk From Owners of Jets and Giants

Tim Tebow, America’s favorite quarterback who can’t pass good, will be introduced Monday as the new backup quarterback of the New York Jets, and it’s all the owners of the Jets and their cross-Jersey rivals the New York Giants can talk about. New York Jets owner Woody Johnson tried to argue that trading for Tebow was about helping the team’s on-field performance and not just the bottom line.

“Tim Tebow has been a winner all his life,” said Johnson in an attempt to be as original and accurate as possible. “He adds flexibility, versatility and he’s a great athlete, a big athlete. He can do a lot of things besides being the backup quarterback. I think all of those thing are going to make us a better and stronger team going forward.”

Johnson was also lukewarm in his support for incumbent Jets starting QB Mark Sanchez. “Does Mark have to improve?” the Jets owner asked himself. “Yes. He realizes that. But we’re really confident Mark is going to develop into a winning quarterback.”

Is Giants owner John Mara worried about his team being overshadowed by Tebow? Hell, Tebow already has a sandwich (on white bread) named after him at the famed Carnegie Deli in New York. “I don’t know [if New York is big enough for the Giants and Tebow,” said Mara., “But the David Carr press conference will be tomorrow afternoon as well.” (Carr backups Eli Manning).

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