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Super Bowl Odds After Wild Cards
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After a wild first weekend of the NFL playoffs, there’s just eight teams that still have a shot at becoming Super Bowl champions. We take a look at each of the remaining team’s odds to reach and to win Super Bowl XLV, and at how last week’s games affected those odds. The Patriots and Falcons are still the favorites, but the Packers made the biggest move.

1. New England Patriots
This Week: 5/7 to win the AFC 8/5 to win Super Bowl
Last Week: No. 1, 4/5, 2/1
Odds improved slightly known that their first playoff opponent is the Jets, who the Patriots beat at home 45-3 not that long ago.

2. Atlanta Falcons
This Week: 33/20 to win NFC, 11/2 to win Super Bowl
Last Week: No. 2, 9/5 to win NFC 11/2 to win Super Bowl
Odds to win the NFC went up 15% now that the Eagles and Saints are out of the mix, but their odds to win it all stayed steady.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers
This Week: 3/1, 6/1
Last Week: No. 3, 3/1, 11/2
Their odds of winning regressed a bit now that they’ll have to start with a tough rematch against the Ravens.

4. Green Bay Packers
This Week: 21/10, 11/2
Last Week: No. 7, 11/2, 12/1
Aaron Rodgers got his first playoff win in Philadelphia, but the Packers will still need to win two more road games to make it to the Super Bowl. The oddsmakers give the Bears a slightly better chance of winning the NFC than the Packers, but think Green Bay has a better chance of winning it all than the Bers do.

5. Chicago Bears
This Week: 2/1, 8/1
Last Week: No. 6, 7/2, 12/1
Their odds got a lot better getting to start against the Seahawks instead of the Eagles or Saints.

6. Baltimore Ravens
This Week: 5/1, 9/1
Last Week: No. 8, 7/1, 12/1
After taking care of business in Kansas City, Baltimore’s odds improved, but they face a much tougher hurdle this week in Pittsburgh.

7. New York Jets
This Week: 15/2, 12/1
Last Week: No. 10, 11/1, 20/1
The Jets avenged their AFC Championship Game loss to the Colts, making Mark Sanchez 3-1 in road playoffs games in his career — but they’re eight-point underdogs this weekend in New England, and then would have to win one more on the road just to make it to the Super Bowl.

8. Seattle Seahawks
This Week: 14/1, 40/1
Last Week: No. 12, 50/1, 100/1
Those odds dropped awfully fast after winning as double-digit underdogs against the defending champs. A win this weekend in Chicago, where they won during the regular season, and the Seahawks would be back to .500 and have a chance to host the NFC Championship Game if Green Bay wins in Atlanta.

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