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Short shorts and makeup the key to women’s soccer – SportsUntapped.com
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Short shorts and makeup the key to women’s soccer
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According to Marco Aurelio Cunha, who is one of the top officials for women’s soccer in Brazil, the game is becoming more popular with fans these days as the players are wearing shorter shorts and wearing makeup while playing. He claimed they’re also taking the time to do their hair and making themselves look more beautiful. He made the comments to the media while the 2015 Women’s World Cup is in full swing in Canada.

Cunha also made the comments after Brazilian star Marta scored her 15th career goal in a World Cup tournament to set a new record. However, nobody in Brazil really noticed the feat since the men’s version f the game dominates there like it does in most other parts of the world. Cunha spoke to the Globe and Mail newspaper in Canada and said he was hoping the women’s game will soon receive more attention from Brazilian fans and it may happen if the women look prettier while playing.

He was quoted as saying, “Now the women are getting more beautiful, putting on make-up. They go in the field in an elegant manner. Women’s football used to copy men’s football. Even the jersey model, it was more masculine. We used to dress the girls as boys. So the team lacked a spirit of elegance, femininity. Now the shorts are a bit shorter, the hair styles are more done up. It’s not a woman dressed as a man.”

This isn’t the first time a high-ranking soccer official has publicly said female players need to look more feminine on the pitch. Back in 2004 FIFA godfather Sepp Blatter said the women should look more feminine and this could be achieved of they wore shorter and tighter shorts. Of course, some players and fans took objection to Blatter and Cunha’s comments, but it appears more and more female players are taking the time to apply their makeup before matches. It’s doubtful they’re playing any better, but it could give them an air of added confidence.

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