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Several records smashed in 107-90 high school football game

It may appear to fans that the defences didn’t bother to show up in a recent American high school football game that finished with a score of 107-90. The game saw Meadville beat DuBois in Pennsylvania on September 11th in a contest which outscored most high school basketball games. The two teams combined for 28 touchdowns and a total of 1,827 yards in offense in an affair that set quite a few new records. In fact, fans who showed up late may have thought Meadville was on the end of a 90-7 beat down since the scoreboard couldn’t handle their three-digit score of 107 and it showed DuBois with 90 points and Meadville with just seven.

Journey Brown, running back for Meadville, finished the encounter with 30 carries for 720 rushing yards, for an average gain of 24 yards each carry. He also chipped in with 10 touchdowns. Brown’s performance was good enough to set a new single-game record for rushing, but he wasn’t able to set a new national mark, which currently stands at 754. That running record was set back in 1950 by John Giannantonio of Netcong High School in New Jersey. But Brown was able to smash the previous Pennsylvania single-game record for yards by over 200.

Even the losers were able to smash some records in this toe-to-toe outing as quarterback Matt Miller of DuBois passed for 10 touchdowns and 782 yards, which is a new passing record for the state and the nation. The 10 passing touchdowns in a game were also good enough to equal the previous American high school record. The previous passing record was 764 yards and was set by David Koral of Pacific Palisades High School of California in 2000.

All of the scoring in the wild game caused some confusion for the official scorers and all of the statistics will be reviewed. The Associated Press originally reported that Brown ran for 722 yards not 720 and also stated that Miller threw for just 741 yards instead of 782. Ray Collins, the head coach of the Meadville squad told the press that he thought the game would be pretty competitive and high scoring with each team scoring between 35 and 40 points. Brown reportedly ran with the ball for touchdowns of 50, 58, 60 and 94 yards. He scored five touchdowns and ran for 341 yards in the first half alone, but was even better in the second half.

It’s hard to say if these new records will be broken, but the same thing was probably said after the previous marks were set. However, it does seem a little odd that the records were set by members of both teams instead of just one squad. It’s conceivable that one team could rack up the score while blowing out an opponent, but rarely do both sides score at least 90 points in a football game.

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