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Several people hospitalized after ice falls from Cowboys Stadium – SportsUntapped.com
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Several people hospitalized after ice falls from Cowboys Stadium
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The weather has played havoc with Super Bowl week as hundreds of flights to Dallas were cancelled due to storms across North America. In addition, several people were injured on Feb. 4th, just two days before the game between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, when huge chunks of ice fell from the roof of Cowboys Stadium.

All of the injured were taken to hospital. One person suffered a concussion and head trauma and is in stable condition while another, Getty Images photographer Win McNamee, suffered a broken shoulder in four places. First reports said seven people were injured and that was later changed to six. All of the entrances to the stadium were closed except a truck tunnel as workers hoped to clear the snow and ice from the roof.

The stadium has been hit by ice and snow storms for most of the week and it accumulated on the roof of the stadium. When the temperature started to rise the ice slightly melted and slid from the roof throughout the day. All people will have to enter and exit the stadium through the tunnel entrance until the ice can be removed before the game.

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Dallas isn’t accustomed to much snow and ice and there are still quite a few unploughed sidewalks and streets around the city. Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner, said he didn’t think the weather would affect the city’s chance of hosting another Super Bowl. It’s a well known fact that the NFL prefers to host the championship game in warm-climate centres.

The roof at Cowboys Stadium is retractable, meaning it opens and closes. It’s 292 feet high above the playing surface and weighs 14,100. Heavy snow has been known to cause buildings to collapse in the past. The metal and fabric roof of Minneapolis’ Metrodome partially collapsed in December due to snow on it.

Back in May of 2009, the steel and fabric practice arena belonging to the Dallas Cowboys also collapsed during a thunder and windstorm. The club was holding a training session for rookies at the time of the roof collapse. Team officials and members of the media were also inside the building. It resulted in some pretty bad injuries as Rich Behm, the club’s scouting assistant, was left paralyzed from his waist down. Joe DeCamillis, the special teams coach was also injured as he suffered fractured vertebrae during the accident.

Last season’s Super Bowl was also affected by a structural collapse as a small stage outside of Sun Life Stadium in Miami collapse five days before the Super Bowl. It happened during a half-time show rehearsal and four people were injured.

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