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Rookie Quarterback Cam Newton Signs With Carolina Panthers

Over the past few years, the rookie contract process has been an absolute mess with tons of holdouts and big headaches for NFL teams. Fortunately, with the NFL lockout making the timeline much shorter and putting more pressure on the player and the team to make a deal sooner rather than later, things have ironically gone much smoother.

Usually, the number one overall pick is the hardest deal to get done for any team, but this time around it was the exception for the Carolina Panthers as they were able to agree on a rookie contract much faster than the norm.

Reportedly, the Carolina Panthers have agreed on a four-year deal with quarterback Cam Newton for $22 million dollars. Unlike most number one pick rookie contracts, this one is fully guaranteed. This is drastic change of pace when compared to last year as rookie quarterback and number one overall pick Sam Bradford of the St. Louis Rams signed a contract that was worth more than $56 million more than Cam Newton’s contract.

Time are definitely changing in the NFL and personally I believe it is for the better. Sam Bradford may ultimately be worth the gigantic contract that he signed last year, but nine times out of ten rookies aren’t worth the enormous they are given like former Oakland Raiders number one pick JaMarcus Russell.

Hopefully, Cam Newton can live up the hype and prove that he is an NFL ready quarterback right out of the gate for the Carolina Panthers. Even if the Heisman trophy winner and BCS champion does struggle, the Panthers won’t feel like they are on the hook for an enormous amount of money for player that didn’t end up being as advertised.

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