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Added March 26th, 2010 by Scott

Quarterback For Sale?
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It was another whirlwind week in the soap opera life of Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. First, head coach Andy Reid told the world they were listening to offers for all three of their quarterbacks. Hours later a rumor surfaced suggesting McNabb was heading to St. Louis for a player and a pick. Even though the Rams vehemently denied any such deal, the buzz surrounding the man known as “5” wouldn’t die.

Yesterday the unnamed league source who apparently is the mastermind behind all the leaked information revealed the Eagles want a “top 42” pick for their maligned signal caller, but would be willing to accept a lower price.

Now the two teams most linked to McNabb are the same ones that were linked to him two months ago: the Raiders and Bills. I wouldn’t wish the worst quarterback be shipped to either of those franchises, let alone one who has played in five NFC title games and six Pro Bowls.

I smell a pigskin-sized rat in this whole mess. Select members of the media, a handful of league officials and cadres of disgruntled fans have been trying to run McNabb out of Philly since draft day 1999. It could be the Eagles brain trust have finally grown tired of their veteran quarterback, or it could be that everything we’re being fed is a giant steaming mound of bullshit.

As an Eagles fan, I can safely say that Andy Reid has too much respect for Donovan to exile him to Oakland or Buffalo, where he would most assuredly waste away the final days of his great career trying to rescue a moribund organization from slipping deeper into the abyss. Reid also won’t send him to a fellow contender like Arizona or Minnesota because that would be just plain stupid.

I don’t have a crystal ball. I can’t tell you for certain McNabb won’t be traded in the coming days or weeks. But I can tell you that Reid still believes he can win a Super Bowl with 5 under center. I can tell you that Reid has stated repeatedly that Donovan is his starting quarterback. I can tell you that the Eagles have won a lot of games during the last eleven seasons and the majority of those were with McNabb taking all the snaps.

Donovan’s days could be numbered, but I wouldn’t count him out just yet.

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