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Overtime in MMA? UFC’s Frankie Edgar Says Yes – SportsUntapped.com
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Overtime in MMA? UFC’s Frankie Edgar Says Yes
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Draws are so last year. Is there any reason that fans — and the fighters that go through so much — should have to deal with the outcome of a fight ending in a draw? On a recent edition of HDNet’s “Inside MMA,” the man himself, Bas Rutten said that overtime rounds should be the norm in MMA.

“They do it at K-1 in Japan, and I love that idea,” Rutten said. “Actually, ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ does it, too. You fight to a draw, boom, the last [round], whoever wins that wins.”

UFC champ Frankie Edgar, who survived a first-round beatdown against Maynard to battle make to a split draw at UFC 125, was a guest on “Inside MMA” and also supported the idea.

“I think another five-minute round would be perfect,” Edgar said. “You go into a fight, you prepare, and you want a decisive outcome. To have to wait another three months and possibly another fight is kind of annoying. I would say another round would be great. You get to figure out who’s the winner right then and there.

“Two guys fighting for a title, they’re trained, prepared. Why not just get it over with right then and there?”

Agreed. But perhaps an even better alternative is a return to the judging methods used for the Pride Fighting Championship. With those methods, there is no chance of a draw. Judges must choose a winner for the fight. From the Pride FC website:

“If the match goes the distance, then the outcome of the bout is determined by the three judges. A decision is made according to the following: the effort made to finish the fight via KO or submission, damage given to the opponent, standing combinations & ground control, aggressiveness and weight (in the case that the weight difference is 10kg/22lbs or more). The above criteria are listed according to priority. The fight is scored in its entirety and not round by round. After the third round, each judge must decide a winner. Matches cannot end in a draw.”

Incorporating those rules for judging could eliminate a lot of the “lay and pray” type wins that seem to aggravate fans and promotion presidents alike. Draws would be forever gone, and in a fight like the recent UFC bout between Diego Sanchez and Martin Kampmann, Kampmann would have likely won the fight based on the damage done to Sanchez’s face. The most important part of the judging process is that the fight would be scored in its entirety, and not round by round. This would change fighter gameplans and make for more exciting fights.

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