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Oakland Raiders the least desirable team among NFL players – SportsUntapped.com
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Oakland Raiders the least desirable team among NFL players
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ESPN recently conducted a poll in which they asked over 100 NFL players if there was a specific team they wouldn’t want to play for. The television network went about it in a roundabout way by asking the players to fill in the blank in the following sentence, “The only way I’d play for [team name] is if they doubled my salary.”

At the end of the poll the Oakland Raiders fared the worst as 23 per cent of the players named that club while the Buffalo Bills came in second at 19 per cent followed by the Cleveland Browns at 16 per cent and then the Jacksonville Jaguars at nine. By no coincidence, those teams are among the four worst in the NFL when it comes to results and haven’t made the playoffs in years.

The Bills haven’t made the postseason in the last 14 seasons while the Raiders have gone 11 years without appearing in a playoff game. However, some Oakland players weren’t happy with the results of the poll. Raiders safety Charles Woodson said he was shocked that so many players had a bad opinion of his team and doesn’t feel they’re that bad.

Oakland fullback Marcel Reese believes a lot of players don’t want to play for the team due to their bad reputation and the number of Raiders players who have been arrested in the past. He said the club’s bad reputation isn’t earned since the current crop of players, “don’t do bad things and don’t have the most arrests.”

Reese may just be offering his own opinion on the matter though since about a quarter of the players polled didn’t say why they wouldn’t want to play for the Raiders. Reese and Woodson believed the players didn’t want to represent Oakland due to the team’s front office and its mentality when it comes to signing free agents. The Raiders rarely spend big money on free agents and many players believe the reason for this is simply because nobody wants to play for them.

The facts may support this theory since Oakland typically signs older free agents who are nearing the end of their NFL careers. Over the years the Raiders have signed the likes of Jerry Rice, Rich Gannon, Rod Woodson, Charlie Garner, Tyrone Wheatley, and Derrick Burgess. The lack of big-name free agent signings and the team’s playoff drought likely go hand in hand. Since the Raiders don’t like to dish out the money to free agents and don’t win games, it’s easy to see why NFL players don’t want to play for the side.

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