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NFL millionaire LeSean McCoy leaves 20-cent tip at burger restaurant – SportsUntapped.com
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NFL millionaire LeSean McCoy leaves 20-cent tip at burger restaurant
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Philadelphia Eagles football player LeSean McCoy was recently involved in a social media debate as he reportedly left a 20-cent tip at a local hamburger restaurant. To add to all of the fuss, the restaurant owner Tommy Up claimed that McCoy verbally abused the staff and wrote about the incident on the establishment’s Facebook page. The running back pulled into the PYT restaurant a few days ago with three of his friends and they racked up a relatively small bill of $61.56. He then added 20 cents to the bill in the ‘tip’ area to make it a total of $61.76 and the receipt was also posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

PYT reported that the top was just .03 per cent of the bill and was the lowest the restaurant has ever received. However, many fans believe McCoy left the low tip to make a point because he wasn’t happy with the service he received. McCoy didn’t really tell his side of the story, other to write on his Twitter account and say it was “bullshit.” Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News also sent out a tweet which said McCoy was really upset with the service he received.

But according to the restaurant, McCoy verbally abused the staff and was insulting during his visit. Up said his staff was excited when Up and his friends arrived because he’s a local sports hero. The owner went on to say that the party received excellent service from the wait staff even though the servers were a little nervous around their famous customer.

Up wrote on the Facebook page that McCoy and his companions made “derogatory statements about women and their sheer contempt for the staff serving them wasn’t the end.” He said when the men had left he looked over at their server and he had a confused look on his face while looking at the receipt. Up added that he couldn’t believe McCoy could be so callous to leave a 20 cent tip. The owner said tips are usually split between the bartender and food runner and that it was an insult for a multimillionaire pro athlete to act in that way.

After the photo of the receipt went up on the restaurant’s Facebook page it seemed to backfire on Up since many people left comments about the establishment’s poor service. They also wrote that it was unprofessional for the business to post the bill and some comments came from servers who said McCoy has always tipped them well. In addition, one writer said the photo proves nothing since McCoy could also have left a cash tip. The whole story probably hasn’t been told yet and of course there are always two sides to it, but it’s probably not worth all of the media attention it’s getting.

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