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NFL Games Dominate American TV Ratings
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It’s no secret that Americans love their football and the television ratings for the NFL can certainly back that up. According to the statistics this year, the top dozen shows of the fall season so far have been NFL contests. The Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys matchup drew the most viewers with 29.4 million of them on November 1st. Even more amazing is the fact that 26 of the nation’s top 27 shows were all NFL outings. The only program which wasn’t was the 13th-ranked Republican primary debate.

The 28th-ranked shows were the season debut episodes of The Big Bang Theory comedy series and the NCIS drama program. In general, the only other non-NFL show to make it into the top 30 during the fall is the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is of course soon followed by an NFL football game in the afternoon. Overall, so far in the calendar year 2015, 45 of the top 50 programs were NFL matches. This includes the top 20 and each one of the 17 Sunday night football games was ranked the number one show in primetime for the week.

The NFL also dominates daytime viewing as the Sunday afternoon fixtures at 4:25 pm rank even higher. These games draw an average of 26.8 million viewers when aired on the Fox network and 24.1 million when CBS broadcasts them. Sunday night football games shown by NBC pull in 23.7 million fans. Thursday night matches are also big on CBS and the NFL Network at 17.6 million viewers while the 1 pm encounters on Sunday afternoons on CBS and Fox reach 16.3 million fans. The Monday night games on ESPN draw the fewest viewers at an average of 13 million per outing.

The opening week of the current 2015/16 NFL season was the best ever in league history when it came to the television audience. If an NFL game isn’t the top-rated show in some of the American markets it’s usually because a college football game has taken over the top spot for the week. The lowest-ranked NFL game this season took place in London, England, which is five hours ahead of the American east coast and eight hours ahead of the west coast. This matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions attracted 8.4 million fans.

When Sunday night football games debuted back in 2006 they were ranked ninth in the nation as American Idol owned the top spot. However, by 2011 Sunday Night Football became the number one show in all of U.S. television. When it comes to the individual television-viewing markets, the stats show that fans in Seattle, Green Bay and Denver get behind their teams the most. The most-watched show in the history of American TV was last year’s Super Bowl between New England and Seattle. In addition, the top six programs ever are all Super Bowl contests. The highest-ranked non-NFL show of all time was the finale of the comedy M*A*S*H back in 1983.

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