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Mike Tyson accused of stealing ice cream bar at U.S. Open

Mike Tyson has probably done quite a few regrettable things in and out of the ring during his lifetime, such as biting a part of Evander Holyfield’s ear off during a heavyweight title fight back in 1997. His latest indiscretion has also made the headlines across the globe even if it is quite mild in comparison. It seems the former heavyweight champ was at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City watching the U.S. Open tennis tournament and apparently stole an ice cream bar from a freezer. Yes, you read it right. Tyson was accused of taking the ice cream from a Ben and Jerry’s stand, which was worth $5.50, and walking away with it.

The 50-year-old Tyson was at the stadium with his tennis-playing daughter Milan when the incident happened. A Ben and Jerry’s employee who was working at the time, said the former boxer simply opened a freezer, took out the ice cream bar and kept going even after he was asked if he was going to pay for it. She added there wasn’t much else she could do and told the New York Post, “It shows his character. He doesn’t seem bothered by what he did. It doesn’t surprise me, though, given his background. Mike Tyson is not the most upstanding citizen.”

But according to Joann Mignano of Tyson’s public relations team, Tyson thought his host at the event was going to take care of the small bill and it was nothing more than a misunderstanding. They claimed that Tyson was distracted by his daughter and the matter was eventually settled. The employee asked her manager what she should do after Tyson walked away, but her boss allegedly told her not to worry about it. Either way, Ben and Jerry’s got their money and everybody’s happy, but it may seem to be a bit of an embarrassing incident for somebody who was thought to have been the baddest man on the planet back in his heyday.

However, it was certainly nothing when you look back at Tyson’s history of troubles such as accusations of spousal abuse along with a conviction for rape back in the 1990s. Tyson was locked up for three years in that case before getting out of prison in 1995 to resume his career.

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