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Mets’ Daniel Murphy sets MLB record with home runs in six straight playoff games

The most home runs Daniel Murphy of the New York Mets has ever hit in one of his seven Major League Baseball seasons is 14. However, he’s launched six in six playoff games during the current 2015 postseason to set a new MLB record. The Mets recently beat the Cubs 8-3 in game four of the National League Championship Series (NLCS) to move on to the World Series. Murphy couldn’t explain his recent power surge, but wasn’t about to question it as he’s just happy to contribute as much as he can. His performances earned him the NLCS Most Valuable Player Award.

As well as cranking out home runs, Murphy has also been getting his fair share of base hits. He had three of them in the final game against the Cubs when he came up to bat at Wrigley Field for the last time. He then proceeded to hit a 97 mile-per-hour fastball out of the park against Chicago relief pitcher Fernando Rodney for his sixth dinger in half a dozen consecutive games. Kevin long, the Mets’ batting coach, also couldn’t explain the streak, but said Murphy’s simply hitting the baseball as if it was the size of a beach ball. He added that Murphy was expecting a changeup by Rodney, but still managed to connect with the fastball.

The 30-year-old infielder Murphy had the most extra-base hits of his career in 2015 with 54 after making adjustments at the plate and cut down on his strikeouts. However, he didn’t really hit more balls out of the park as he had 14 homers, which was just two more than his previous high. Murphy’s hometown is Jacksonville, Florida and that’s where he played his college baseball. He played several positions with the Mets early in his career after he was drafted in the 13th round in 2006. He struggled while playing in the outfield though and was moved to first base in 2009.

Incredibly, his 12 home runs that season were a team high for the Mets since most of their regular players suffered major injuries. Murphy moved to second base the next season, but missed much of the next two years year with a knee injury. His best year came in 2014 when he played in his one and only All Star game. This year, Murphy was able to reduce his strikeouts by close to 50 per cent as he struck out just 38 times. He whiffed 86, 95 and 82 times the previous three years. Murphy entered the postseason with 62 home runs in his regular-season career and managed to hit about 10 per cent of that total in just six playoff contests.

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