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Added December 23rd, 2009 by Matt

Matt Hughes: Slightly Delusional Company Man
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You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger Matt Hughes fan than me. But after reading Hughes’ latest blog entry, you have to wonder if he is the world’s greatest company man or if he is suffering from some delusional disorder. He writes about pal Robbie Lawler being pulled off the card when opponent Trevor Prangley was hurt just days before the event.

Last week I was in California with Robbie, Pena, and Foster, hoping they would find a replacement so Robbie could fight. It didn’t happen and I guess I’m just spoiled being with the UFC. From what I understand, Showtime really likes to stick their nose in Strikeforce’s business and because of that I don’t think that Strikeforce will be around for much longer; but enough with that.

Strikeforce has grown from a solid regional show to a national dynamo in short order. On their roster they have:

  • The world’s greatest mixed martial artist in Fedor Emelianenko
  • Their own Brock Lesnar in Bobby Lashley
  • One of the all-time best MMA fighters in Dan Henderson
  • Exciting, young fighters like Gegard Mousasi, Brett Rogers, King Mo Lawal, Jacare, Nick Diaz and many more
  • The best female fighters in the world: Cris Cyborg, Marles Coenen, Sarah Kaufman, Gina Carano and others

Strikeforce is here to stay. And you don’t have to pay $50 bucks to see it. To say that they won’t be around for long is just stupid.

h/t: Fightlinker

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One Response to “Matt Hughes: Slightly Delusional Company Man”

  1. Billy says:

    You have to look at it from both sides, yes it is difficult to come up with an opponent on short notice, but it is not fair to robbie because he was expecting a payday. Atleast in the UFC he would have received his show money.

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