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LeBron James Expected to Play Game One Despite Bone Bruise

It was a bit tougher than many people anticipated it would be for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the NBA playoffs, but despite the Chicago Bulls winning one game and giving them a run for their money at times, the Cavs were able to advance and set up a second round matchup with the Boston Celtics.

Even though the Cavs were able to advance to the second round after only five games against the Bulls, Cleveland may have suffered a huge blow as LeBron James was noticeably in pain at the end of game five as he was favoring his right arm.

Towards the end of game five, LeBron took a nasty fall and landed directly on his right arm after trying block Derrick Rose’s layup. At first the injury didn’t seem all that bad as LeBron rarely gets injured so easily and got up pretty fast, but throughout the rest of the fourth quarter is was obvious that something was wrong.

As if favoring his right arm throughout the rest of the game five victory over the Chicago Bulls wasn’t bad enough, it wasn’t until LeBron went to the charity stripe and attempted a free throw by using his left hand that people started to get concerned about King James health.

Ultimately, after the series was over and LeBron James had an MRI on his injury arm, he was diagnosed with having a bone bruise on his right elbow. This is obviously not good news for the Cleveland Cavaliers as they head into a series with a very physical Boston Celtics team that has no problem beating up LeBron when he drives to the hoop.

Even though having LeBron James at less than 100% going into the second round matchup with the Boston Celtics is not ideal for the Cleveland Cavaliers, it was reported that despite his elbow injury he would be ready to go for game one of the series on Saturday at Quickens Loans Arena in Cleveland.

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