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Iverson and McGrady Starting in the All-Star Game?
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We have reached the mid point in the NBA season and the NBA All-Star game is right around the corner on February 14th at the new billion dollars Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

With the All-Star game only a few weeks away, the NBA All-Star voting is quickly coming to a close and even though some of the players leading the in the Western and Eastern conferences are no surprise like Kobe Bryant from the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers in the West and LeBron James from the first place Cleveland Cavaliers in the East, there are two players that are really starting some controversy as the Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson and the Houston Rockets Tracy McGrady could turn out to be All-Star starters.

Normally there would be no problem with McGrady and Iverson being starters in the All-Star game, like they have been in the past, but this time around these two players honestly don’t deserve the distinction of NBA All-Star as they haven’t played more than 25 games this season between them (McGrady six games, Iverson 19 games).

It seems that the real problem with the All-Star game selections this season is the fact that the starters are being picked by the fans and the fans aren’t really rewarding players like Steve Nash and Joe Johnson who should be the starters at the guard position on February 14th instead of Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson.

The one player who has been vocal about this problem in the All-Star voting is the Boston Celtics sharp shooter Ray Allen who says the All-Star voting should be divided between players and fans with a certain percentage going each way.

Personally, I agree with Allen’s idea as the voting should not be in the NBA fans hands, especially if they are voting in player like Tracy McGrady who hasn’t played more than eight minutes in a game the entire season. That is just wrong and really sucks for any up and coming player that is on the verge of becoming a superstar in this league and deserves to be a starter on the All-Star team.

It is uncertain what the league plans to do about this little problem, hopefully if Iverson and McGrady are voted as the starters, they will hand the starting position over to someone more deserving.

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