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Exact Super Bowl Matchup Odds
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Now that only eight teams remain in the NFL playoffs, we’re left with 16 possible matchups for Super Bowl XLV. Odds have been set for each possible matchup, ranging from a meeting of the two favorites at 4/1 to an improbable Jets-Seahawks showdown at 100/1. Here’s our thoughts on each potential Super Bowl pairing and the current odds.

1. New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons 13/4

Perhaps the most attractive matchup for the NFL, it would have a nice old vs. new storyline with Tom Brady facing Matt Ryan.

2. New England Patriots vs. Chicago Bears 4/1

Rematch of Super Bowl XX, Chicago’s first and only Super Bowl championship. I wouldn’t bet on the Bears winning again by 36.

3. New England Patriots vs. Green Bay Packers 17/4

The Packers almost beat the Patriots late in the regular season without concussed starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers, so this could be an even better matchup than Patriots-Falcons.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers 8/1

This would be a matchup of two of the NFL’s most iconic franchises, with Pittsburgh looking for its seventh Super Bowl title and Green Bay looking for its fourth. Would there be much attention left for the fact that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger began the season serving a four-game suspension for being a probable rapist?

5. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Atlanta Falcons 9/1

Black and yellow vs. Black and red, seems kind of boring.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Chicago Bears 11/1

The Steelers would probably be heavily favored in this one.

7. Baltimore Ravens vs. Atlanta Falcons 14/1

Bird battle! Tough defenses and decent young quarterbacks. The Falcons won the regular season matchup.

8. Baltimore Ravens vs. Chicago Bears 16/1

Boring defensive battle would be somewhat reminiscent of Baltimore’s first Super Bowl win over the Kerry Collins-led Giants. Not sure if Jay Cutler is better than Kerry Collins. Probably, but not positively.

9. Baltimore Ravens vs. Green Bay Packers 18/1

A slightly better version of Ravens-Bears.

10. New York Jets vs. Atlanta Falcons 20/1

Second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez vs. third-year quarterback Matt Ryan would be overshadowed by Rex Ryan’s witty banter.

T11. New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks 22/1

It feels like this Super Bowl already happened, but the Patriots actually beat another crappy silvery NFC team, the Panthers. The 16-2 Patriots vs. the 10-9 Seahawks might be kind of fun though.

T11. New York Jets vs. Chicago Bears 22/1

The two biggest NFL TV markets going at it might make people’s heads explode.

13. New York Jets vs. Green Bay Packers 25/1

The winners of the first three Super Bowls meeting at last in a very green Super Bowl.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Seattle Seahawks 55/1

The Steelers only win Super Bowls lately against crappy NFC West teams, which might sap some of the drama from this rematch of Super Bowl XL.

15. Baltimore Ravens vs. Seattle Seahawks 80/1

Another bad bird Super Bowl that would be awful.

16. New York Jets vs. Seattle Seahawks 100/1

It could happen, they’re both just two wins away. Plus, Matt Hasselback has a certain Johnny Unitas-like quality.

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