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Added June 2nd, 2010 by Jonas

Djokovic the grumpiest player on tour?
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I admit it. I never got Novak Djokovic. The guy has got bucketloads of talent, every shot in the book, already a slam under his belt despite his young age of 23 and he still acts like a bitter old man sometimes. He hangs his head, he looks to the skies, his coach, questioning why, why, why? He grunts loudly, like he has to physically exert himself just to be there, he quits more matches than anyone else – well, he just doesn’t seem to enjoy it that much.

I remember when he first came on the scene. He was a fresh breeze, he seemed to have been born on a tennis court, he often smiled and laughed and did goofy imitations of other players. But something got to him and I think mostly it was his head. He got cocky and probably thought he was as good as Rafael and Roger a little too soon. Maybe his family pushed him to it. I think everybody forgot when Novak beat Federer in three straight sets in Australian Open. His mother gladly declared to the media, “The King is dead, long live the king”, which was a ridiculous and over-the-top way to praise his son and at the same time take a cheap blow at Federer.

Then he also had problems with both the crowd and Roddick in US Open. He belittled the audience through some sarcastic remarks he didn’t do himself any favors in the fan department. Maybe it was a lack of maturity then that made him that cocky, but instead of just growing out of that phase he has grown past it and now seems to enjoy the tennis a lot less. Maybe it is just frustration from the realization that he can’t and won’t be able to match Federer’s and Nadal’s results and careers. Maybe he just tired of playing the third fiddle. And then, believe it or not, I get him a bit more.

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