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Added April 24th, 2012 by Matt

Deion Sanders Takes Baby Mama Drama to Twitter

Football great Deion Sanders is known for having a very strong presence in social media, especially on Twitter.

But Sanders might have taken things a bit too far with his most recent tweets, which included information about being attacked by his children’s mother, as well as a picture of him and his kids filling out police reports.

Here are the tweets.

Deion Sanders' tweets

His last tweet included this picture of them actually filling out police reports:

Deion Sanders filling out police reports with his kids

If you think it’s a bit much, you’re not alone. I’ve already seen some tweets that are critical of how Sanders is taking a very personal matter involving kids onto Twitter for the entire world to see. If he’s hoping to document something for legality’s sake, there are surely other ways to accomplish that.

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