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Added April 29th, 2010 by Scott

Commish Says Three-Day Draft Is Here To Stay

This should come as little surprise to anyone who looked at the TV ratings for the 2010 NFL Draft, but according to Commish Roger Goodell it looks as if the new primetime/three-day format is here to stay.

Rog chatted it up with NFL Network host Rich Eisen yesterday and said the following in regards to future Drafts:

“I’d be hard-pressed to think we won’t go with the two-night primetime start, and the three-day draft.”

Those primetime ad dollars and a 30% spike in first-day ratings tells me we won’t be seeing a weekend only draft ever again. I like the new and improved format simply because it gives the first-round its own platform, which is ideal for the casual fans who only recognize big name players. Obsessing over fifth- and sixth-rounders on Saturday is normally reserved for crazed bloggers like myself.

What this really means is the NFL is one step closer to its goal of world domination.

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