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Chalk’s 2011 NFL Playoff Brackets – SportsUntapped.com
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Added January 6th, 2011 by Chalk

Chalk’s 2011 NFL Playoff Brackets
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Before the playoffs begin this weekend, I thought I should go on record by predicting how the entire tournament will turn out, every single game from the wild cards all the way through Super Bowl XLV. But with most predictions, wagers and brackets, I like to cover myself by betting against my heart, so I offer you two versions of playoff predictions.

Worst Case:

Saints over Seahawks.
Colts over Jets.
Ravens over Chiefs.
Packers over Eagles.

Michael Vick is the best player in the NFL, but I have a bad feeling about the Packers and the rest of the Eagles are all pretty terrible. The line refuses to block for Vick and the Packers are on a roll while the Eagles have only looked good for about eight minutes over the past month.

Steelers over Colts.
Falcons over Packers.
Bears over Saints.
Ravens over Patriots.

The Falcons and Bears are overrated, flukey teams who don’t deserve to be in the NFC Championship Game, but are just one win away. The Ravens are boring and were stolen from Cleveland by a very bad man and the fans of Baltimore are heartless leaches. Ben Roethlisberger is a probable rapist.

Falcons over Bears.
Steelers over Ravens.

Steelers over Falcons.

Roethlisberger wins his third ring and makes for a nauseating comeback story.

Best Case:

Saints over Seahawks.
Jets over Colts.
Chiefs over Ravens.
Eagles over Packers.

Peyton Manning chokes a lot in the playoffs even when his whole team is healthy, so let’s say 3-5 interceptions, two returned for touchdowns.

Steelers over Chiefs.
Saints over Falcons.
Eagles over Bears.
Patriots over Jets.

Eagles over Saints
Patriots over Steelers.

Eagles over Patriots.

Michael Vick runs wild and singlehandedly wins his first Super Bowl, inspiring billions with his determination to rise above intolerance and unjust persecution.

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