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British punter win big after mistake on betslip – SportsUntapped.com
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Added September 2nd, 2014 by Ian

British punter win big after mistake on betslip
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It’s hard enough to win when betting on sports events and placing wagers on pro football matches these days, but if you make a mistake on your betting slip it’s usually next to impossible to cash in. That is unless your name happens to be Holly Griffiths and you wagered on the MK Dons in their recent Capital One Cup match against mighty Manchester United. The third-tier Dons hosted United at home in the second round of the Cup and were expected to suffer a beating at the hands of the former Premier League giants even though they have been struggling over the past year.

Perhaps it wasn’t a surprise to some people, but the Division 2 club pulled of a major upset by embarrassing United to the tune of 4-0. After placing her bet, Griffiths of Cheshire, was cheering for her United team to win the match since she believed she had bet on them to win 4-0. However, she made an error on her slip and actually placed the wager on the Dons to win.

She hit the jackpot by mistake, but was thrilled to find out she won 1,250 pounds on her free 2.5 pound bet at odds of 500 to 1. The 20 year-old said she got confused when making the wager as she meant to put the money on United, her favourite team, but put it on the Dons to win by four goals. Griffiths said her friend bet on United to win the match 4-0 so she decided to do the same.

Griffiths realized during the game that she made a mistake, but said she didn’t even watch it all as she turned the TV off with 10 minutes to go. When she found out the final score Griffiths took to her Twitter account and wrote, “Oh my god as if I won this on a free bet that I thought I was putting on United oh my god oh my god.”
United has gotten off to a brutal start to the 2014/15 season.

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