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Bigger Impact: Tebow to Jets or Saints Suspensions?

Two major stories shook the NFL universe on Wednesday: the Denver Broncos traded charismatic quarterback Tim Tebow to the New York Jets, and the NFL shockrageously suspended New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton for the entire 2012 season. Obviously the Saints punishment is shockingly excessive, but who’s worth more a head coach or a Jesus-y backup QB?

I’d argue neither has that much of an impact. Good teams win regardless of who’s head coach — that’s how George Seifert and Barry Switzer call themselves Super Bowl-winning head coaches. Add to that the Saints playing with an extra chip on their shoulder for feeling singled out, and the Saints might do even better this year than they would have.

Tebow’s impact in New York will obviously be felt in merchandise and maybe ticket sales, but his impact on the field is more uncertain. There will obviously be pressure to get him on the field in wildcat formations, but Rex Ryan doesn’t seem crazy about that. I’d expect Mark Sanchez to get pulled for Tebow at some point next season, either mid-game or even for a start. And Tebow is probably a better option than Sanchez’s octogenarian backup of the past few seasons, Mark Brunell.

Whether it’s Sanchez or Tebow at quarterback, the Jets mainly want their quarterback to avoid mistakes and give their defense the best chance to win. With reports of locker room dissension, Tebow’s personality might cool things down or just be another source of dissension.  That probably depends more on the scoreboard than Tebow, though Tebow will get plenty of attention.

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