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America’s Six Most Hated Athletes Are All Black – SportsUntapped.com
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Added September 15th, 2010 by Chalk

America’s Six Most Hated Athletes Are All Black
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The Q Score Company released a report to CNBC that LeBron James is now among the six most hated athletes in America. James joins three NFL players, one golfer and another NBA player who all have one thing in common: the color of their skin. Eagles quarterback Michael Vick tops the list, followed by golfer Tiger Woods, Bengals wide receivers Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco, and Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

According to the report, 39% of Americans have a negative view of LeBron James after his decision to leave Cleveland for Miami, compared to only 14% who view LeBron positively. The company says that 24 is an average negative score for athletes. Noticeably absent from the most hated six is suspended Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. In August, the New York Times reported Roethlisberger had Q scores of 30% negative, 20% positive.

So Ben Roethlisberger probably raped two women and he’s less hated than those six guys? LeBron was a little self-indulgent, but doesn’t he have the right to choose where he plays? Kobe had a rape accusation in his past, but has been a standup guy ever since and has won five championships.

Do people really not like Ochocinco and T.O.’s VH1 reality shows that much? They may not be great television, but they’re not raping college girls in bar bathrooms.

Why Tiger? He ain’t the first super-rich, super-talented guy to cheat on his wife a lot of times. He may not be smart or terribly capable of expressing any human feeling, but who has he hurt besides the children in Nike sweatshops?

And don’t get me started with Vick. He never hurt a human being. The only reason he went to jail was because of the color of his skin, and through all the persecution and hate he’s faced, he’s persevered with true courage and dignity.

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38 Responses to “America’s Six Most Hated Athletes Are All Black”

  1. hulda says:

    I don’t understand why Tiger Woods is grouped w/someone such as Vick – Tiger never did anything illegal. What Tiger did to Elin and the children is wrong, but he didn’t break any laws. People need to separate his personal life from his golf game. Unfortunately the general public is going to hold him accountable and his race is a determining factor. What a narrow minded view to have – but then that is most of the American public.

  2. No Ben Roethlisberger? says:

    Tiger & Kobe= Most popular/hated atletes on the planet.

    LeBron James- Easily the most athlete in sports

    Where the hell is BIG BEN ROETHLISBERGER? He’s probably more hated than LeBron.

  3. mominusa says:

    Ben probably raped two women. Really. I don’t see any criminal charges anywhere. I didn’t see any DNA evidence. There’s only 1 civil case where the “victim” left his room, finished work, told her co-workers she had consensual sex with Ben and hoped she was pregnant. That certainly sounds like a rape victim to me.

    The other “victim” doesn’t even know what happened because she was so drunk she can’t remember if she agreed or not. Ben cooperated with the police. She tried but was to drunk and had to ask her friends where they were and the rest of the details.

    I see maybe some poor choices on his part, but I don’t see rape. Of course saying these “victims” shouldn’t have sex with a man they don’t know or get so drunk they can’t remember is maybe a poor choice too.

  4. R T says:

    @hulda Cheating on your wife and breaking up his family is way worse then some dogs fighting. Kids will have emotional and physiological problems is way worse then some dogs dying.

    And why is it a surprise that the 6 most hated are black? 90% of the superstars in sports are black. I cant think of a superstar that is white and hated. (Ben is just a small market star, doesnt endorse lots of national brands)

  5. Elisa says:

    I just would have liked to see Brett Farve on the list….REALLY!

  6. John says:

    Michael Vick – Hated for dog fighting.
    Tiger woods – Hated for cheating on his wife.
    Terrell Owens – Hated for being a homophobe
    Chad Ochocinco – Hated for being too emotional
    Kobe Bryant – Hated for winning and cheating on his wife
    Lebron James – Hated for switching teams.

    Seriously are these are the worst crimes any athlete has done.
    So bad that they are the most hated athletes in America.
    And there are no other popular athletes out there who have done worse?
    To me the only bad thing (BUT NOT A CRIME) is cheating on your wife.
    Their must be something else that these men are hated for.

  7. Dontfallforit says:

    This article was written specifically to instigate more racial divide. Don’t you notice this article only adresses the Top 6…what the hell…isn’t it usually Top 10, 20, or even 25? Who does Top 6????? This article was taken from a similar article that did Top 10 Most Hated Atheletes, and yes, Big Ben made the list, along with Roger Clemens. If you notice…SOME of these atheletes are very good at what they do, and are usually a nemeses to whatever team/person they play against. The others…well…are self explanatory because they’ve been in the news for various reasons. Don’t buy in to this racial BS!!!!!!!

  8. Kyle says:

    You dumb racist piece of shit, Michael Vick was sent to jail because what he did was a felony, He admitted to torturing and killing 8 dogs himself. He electrocuted, hung, shot and drown innocent dogs for pleasure and you’re trying to say that he didn’t do anything wrong? what’s wrong with you?

  9. John says:

    Your right Dontfallforit. Makes sense.

  10. Cathy says:

    They are hated because they are Black, Rich and FOOLISH!! Im a Clevelander, my problem with LeBron is not because he left it’s they way he chose to do . A one hour show called the Decision?? Really?? Hev didnt pick up the phone and call his boss to tell him he was leaving? LeBron had no roll models around him to teach him better!!!!

  11. U.B. Trollin' says:

    Clearly fishing for comments/traffic, but I’ll bite.

    You failed to make any sort of correlation between these 6 athletes also being some of the most popular athletes in the world. Being popular comes with people who like and dislike you, but when you exhibit behavior that people don’t like or agree with, guess what happens?
    Most people dislike the star athletes that aren’t on the team the love, and its not because they are black.

    “And don’t get me started with Vick. He never hurt a human being. The only reason he went to jail was because of the color of his skin, […]”
    -Oh? That was the verdict? .. Not hurting human beings doesn’t absolve you of other crimes. And I agree the public’s dislike for Vick has been a bit overboard, but your statement on him is absurd.

  12. kerpal says:

    Where’s arod, barry bonds or any other steroid users.
    You would think cheating athletes would be on that list
    Not just guys with home problems.

  13. TERRY says:

    So you stick up for dog killer Vick you idiot , He was voted # 1 for a reason

  14. WTF says:

    hahahahahahha this is sooooooooooooo stupid. WTF is a Q LIST?

    Because few months ago Harris Interactive POLL was released and the rankings said Tiger Woods and Kobe were tied for number 1 as the most popular athletes in America….google it if u dont beleive me

    again, wtf is a q list? How do these people determine results?

  15. Wick says:

    Wow… there are so many athletes who have done much worse things than these people… how about O.J. Simpson? But wait lets go with a more recent event how about Pac Man Jones? I mean come on this guy shot someone! and is still playing in the NFL! What the heck is going on here there aren’t any other athletes who have committed worse crimes and been convicted for it? Think about it. These people aren’t that bad in comparison.

  16. Duane says:

    Most of this stuff is just a bunch of crap. However, There are so many people who fall for it, it becomes big news. The one that just pisses me off to no end is the Mike Vick story.Sure killing dogs is terrible, but killing people and sexual assult is even worse. I would be willing to bet if someone took a fair pole and asked 100 people of each race from different areas of the country, the mojority of the people who HATE Michael Vick would be white. What I,m not sure of is why they hate him. Is it because they value the lives of animals more than humans or just because he’s black. There are so many reasons as to why I came to this conclusion. There just too many to tell in this venue. Let me just say that my reasons are of both public and personal experience.

  17. What_The_Moose says:

    This article is a joke. Tiger isnt hated because he cheated on his wife. Its because he was a BILLIONAIRE and he threw it all away! I’m sure if any any of us were billionaires, we would do everything we could to keep that amazing life! If there was just 1 guy I could put on this list it would be Donte Stallworth. He KILLED a person while drunk driving! Any of us would be in jail for that crime but since he has talent and plays in the NFL, he gets off the hook with a 30 day jail sentence and a hefty fine! Athletes get off way too easily.

  18. ANYone believe that race has any thing to do with hating these athlete is ignorant POS… it doesnt matter if Vick was white black or asian or any of that he comitted a violent crime people are gonna hate him duh? people that believe this need to get some tougher skin and quit taking every little thing so god damn personal.

  19. gunar says:

    I agree that private life should be separated with sports activities

  20. Brian says:

    Tiger is hated because of what he did to his family, and secondly HE ISN’T BLACK, he is only like 1/4 black I believe, he is mostly Asian, not black so that blows your dumb argument out of the water.

  21. DNice says:

    Mike Vick went to jail because white people treat their dogs better than they do their black neighbors. it goes back to slavery. Massa always treated his dog better than his black slaves. If larry bird did what lebron did he would be a hero, everyone would be kissing his feet. Kobe is a spoiled brat, who comes off as a fake, and it is perceived he raped someone white. There is nothing wrong with Ocho, whites just hate his flare. T.O. has done nothing wrong. Tiger is just now feeling what its like to be black again, he did not learn from O.J. They are mad with tiger because he cheated on his white wife, with tons of other white women. The last thing white people want is a black man sleeping with their white daughters. Just thought I’d tell the truth.

  22. bosox says:

    HAHA Vick only because the color of his skin ??? How’s Donte Stallworth doing ?? How many days for killing a man ??? hmmm … What color is he ??? America has 75% white people, and who’s the president ? What color ? Wait.. sooo… some white people voted for him ?? hmmm… yeah.. love when the race card is brought up. But me, a white man, has to hear racial comments ALL THE TIME from a lot of black men for having a bi – racial son… Maybe I should call up Sharpton or Jackson.. See how quickly they run to my side… Wait.. Why would they do that ? Im white..

  23. Cblaze says:

    Using the race card in today’s sociaty is proof it’s still nothing but a cop out and excuse for black people to use against whites though more blacks are racist then whites. Get over yourselves. It’s because they are A holes not because they are black. Maybe the lack of white athletes is the reason? Where is the white up rising about lack of whites in sports huh?

  24. jerseydre says:

    its only obvious that racist people still exsist today and looking at people away from there profession is bullshit. but i wanna state some names that cheated the sport if thats the focus here like baseball Arod inhancments should be hated. danika patrick posing nude ummmm ben roth rapist ummmmmm bill belicheck cheater!!! cavs owner racist!!! bobby knight!! i know there not all athletes but they are involved in reports. brett farve on the feild is killing superbowl chances he needs to retire!!!! lebron where did he go wrong? ocho cinco where did he go wrong? every thing about the critics is off the field so okay lebron leaves cavs lets look at all the other players that abandond there teams to win ummmm !!!!

  25. Seriously says:

    I love how all these people are trying to say Vick didn’t do anything wrong. “Bra, all he did was starve dogs, sick them on each other, and bet on it. It ain’t no thang.” Keep playing the race card, chumps. In reality, these people are obnoxious jerks and deserve their hate. Oh, and when it comes to Roethlisberger, would someone be so kind as to point to ANY sort of semblance of evidence that he committed rape? Take a lesson from Roethlisberger. He did something called COMPLYING with the police (something most people do when they haven’t done anything wrong and don’t have enormous egos.)

  26. Luis says:

    Michael Vick went to jail for the right reasons. Its not about race he is hated by his choice to bet on dogfighting & letting them fight. I HATE people that say its cause he’s black thats retarded & BS. I mean come on what he did is animal abuse & heartless. Vick belongs in this list & anyone who disagrees with me is just as sick & heartless as he is.

  27. hitmanvan says:

    mike vick is hated only because he’s black and killed 8 dogs but white ppl will kill 20 deers and thats just fine its racial and plus lie and say u wouldnt enjoy a dog fight

  28. brandon says:

    I am willing to bet the person that wrote this article is black. Just because of what their great great great great grandfather went through they think white people still owe them something. Fact of the matter is they probably don’t even know his name, but they want some restitution for his “suffering.” The only reason people think they suffered was because they worked for white men. How do we really know it was even that bad for them? Because of stories told? That doesn’t even hold up in court, it a little thing called “heresay.’ Meaning there are no credible eyewitnesses, so it’s dismissed. Fact of the matter is, the race card isn’t as big a factor as it was many years ago. Isn’t it 2010? Maybe, just maybe it’s time to grow up and live in today and not in the past!

  29. JB says:

    Kobe should be crowned the all time greatest in this category. I mean I hate what Vick did, but at least he went to prison and did his time, so did Tyson for that matter. Bryant has not been held accountable for possibly ruining the life of another (Human Being). He just sits back and arrogantly laughs at the system. Check that, it did cost him, he did have to buy his SKANK..urrr… I mean wife a bigger ring. Those 2 deserve each other, feel sorry for the chilren though, how would you like to inherit those immoral genetic defects?

  30. Chalk Sux says:


  31. A D X says:

    Vick killed amimals! Big deal. Check out the way your steak and chicken was brutalized you rednecks before you get all testy eyed over a dog. And by the way white people have been killing each other and other races all over the world and for centuries. Ever heard of colonism, slavery, diamond trade, Vietman,etc. Maybe one day you idiots will figure out why blacks cheer for people like Vick and OJ Simpson. It’s just to piss you Saltines off. Peace crackers!

  32. robin says:

    I don’t care if Mike Vic is black, purple, orange or green. Toturing animals is the first sign of a sociopath. Animals are truly the most innocent creatures on earth. They would never shoot you over a pair of high end tennis shoes. People do it all the time. The point is he lied, he participated and he was forced to do public relations in the schools by court order. Certainly not out of the good of his own heart. It’s not fair to do such criminal acts and be rewarded with a $26 million contract . There are other great athletes out there that would be greatfull for a rich lifestyle and wouldn’t screw it up with greed. Give tham a chance and sent Vic the dic* to hell where he belongs.

  33. JMac says:

    I would love to reply to ADX’s comments. “white people have been killing each other and other races al over the world for centuries. Ever heard of colonism, slavery, diamond trade, vietnam, etc.” I can give you colonism, but slavery and Vietnam? Are you serious?? My ancestors in the NORTH went to war for blacks in the south. We were killing whites for black people to be free. So ill blame blacks for whites killing whites in that situation. As far as vietnam, do you think that the entire US military back then was only white?? How about you look up some history before you start posting shit for everyone to see. How about we talk about this article and stop living in the past. The last time i looked, there arent any whites “owning” blacks anymore. If your mom works in a white guys kitchen its because she now has the option to choose that life not because shes going to be lenched or hung from a tree.

  34. Jack Straw says:

    The media fluffs the Squeelers big time and their fans wouldn’t care if Hitler played for them as long as it meant they’d win. This is why that piece of garbage rapist did not make the list.

  35. Tyler says:

    In response to Shula about people needing to keep Tiger’s personal life and golf career separate, It would be easier to do if he could do it himself… as his terrible play continues. He was a role model for kids and he knew it and all he did was take their idol and show them how he cheated on his beautiful wife, lacked any caring for his kids, and had affairs with 5 women.
    I could see Vick on this list in 06 or whenever it happened but it’s time to congratulate the man who turned his life around, a classic under(dog) story haha.
    Lebron is a douche who took a shit on his city so that’s understandable.
    I love how he’s pissed about rape from BIG Ben but tries to look past Lebron’s rape(typical black people).
    I’m a bengals fan and T.O. and Chad are just annoying egocentrics who distract from the game and fail to keep up with their mouths.
    Big Ben should be on here though. Tell me what other famous white athletes have done terrible things such as these or have demanded so much negative publicity to place upon themselves as in the case of Chad and T.O. very recently.
    It’s hard to say people are racist towards black when they are HUGE sports fans especially in regards to the NFL and NBA because the vast majority of the athletes on their favorite teams are black. Which also means there is more opportunity for black athletes to draw negative attention to themselves. Let’s not make this out to be something that it isn’t, these people all screwed up worse than other athletes out there except for BIG Ben regardless of color. So please SHUT UP.

  36. Jim says:

    Vick is a disgusting freak and its pathetic the way people grovel at his feet. What a sick culture.

  37. Jonathan M says:

    even though one says Mike Vick is disgusting these are the same ones rooting for the Phil. Eagles to win all tha dog shit is out the window ,people need to grow up and realize that all races have made fu–ing mistakes and they’re all human when one starts to point fingers he won’t be able to stopat just one in particular, sopeople neeed to pray for these individuals and try not to be like Mike,Jim,Bob,or Ray….

  38. Nate J says:

    Damn this made me sad. No, I’m not talking about the article, I’m talking about the comments. Look at yourselves. What Mike Vick did wasn’t half as bad as what Ben did, and I’m even a Steelers fan. Big Ben raped two people, and don’t say there is no truth in that, I’m like a huge Steelers fan, and I say Mike Vick did something half as bad as my qb. Other guys have killed people, and you guys say that Vick is heartless for killing a few animals. If he had done that with, say something people don’t like, such as pigs, NO ONE WOULD’VE GIVEN A FUCK. It’s just cause a bunch of people have pet dogs. You know they HAVE NO SOULS. I mean it says in the Bible that God created animals for food. You guys have no hearts. Look at OJ Simpson. Also, Mike Vick was compliant.

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