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2011 NCAA Tournament: Illinois (9) vs. Kansas (1)

Southwest Region: Illinois Fighting Illini (9) vs. Kansas Jayhawks (1) Sun. March 20, 2011 8:40 p.m. EST

The one thing on head coach Bill Self’s mind is to avoid another devastating upset in the early rounds of the NCAA tournament. Even though the Kansas Jayhawks (1) are arguably one of the best college basketball teams in the country today, they are not immune to the dreaded March Madness upset.

Fortunately, the Kansas Jayhawks (1) were able to get out of their first matchup of the 2011 NCAA tournament with relative ease as they just dominated the Boston University Terriers, 72-53. even though I’m sure Bill Self took a huge sigh of relief that he was able to avoid another upset with a big win over Boston University, Kansas (1) could be in danger of an upset in the next round against the Illinois Fighting Illini (9).

Smart money says there is no way Illinois (9) can come out on top in this matchup with Kansas(1) as Jayhawks appliance and solid basketball right now, but until the Jayhawks are able to go deep in the tournament and compete with the best of the best, they will always be on upset watch.

As of right now, the Kansas Jayhawks (1) are favored to advance to the Sweet Sixteen with a -9 point spread. The Jayhawks should get the win here, but they are a team that you should stay away from in terms of betting.

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