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World Cup: The German Octopus Prediction Was Right On Again – SportsUntapped.com
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Added July 4th, 2010 by Steve

World Cup: The German Octopus Prediction Was Right On Again
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I don’t know if you have heard about Paul the German octopus that is predicting all of Germany’s matches in the 2010 World Cup. For those of you that haven’t I will give you the background story.

Paul is an octopus born in England but he is currently residing at Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. The people over at Sea Life Aquarium somehow came up with the idea of letting this octopus predict all of Germany’s matches in the 2010 World Cup. After having predicted the correct outcome in all of Germany’s five games in the World Cup so far he has become a world wide celebrity which gets a LOT of media attention.

Paul the Octopus predicts the games by eating a mussel out of one of the two containers that his caretakers are sending down in his tank. One of the boxes has the German flag and the other box has the flag of the opposing team. The box out of which he eats is the winner of the game. That’s how the advanced octopus predictions work.

In yesterdays game against Argentina he managed to predict another Germany win and it has now reached the point where some people actually think this octopus has the power to predict World Cup matches. I do have to admit that five out of five correct picks for football betting is a great achievement so far but I would say that it’s luck rather than skill.

Below is a picture of Paul predicting the Argentina vs. Germany game. It will be very interesting to see what his prediction is going to be for the semi final game where they are going to face Spain.

UPDATE: The prediction for the Germany vs. Spain game is now published. We have the video and picture of the latest prediction in this post.

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132 Responses to “World Cup: The German Octopus Prediction Was Right On Again”

  1. Petar says:

    When will be Germany – Spain prediction ???


  2. Bobby says:

    I am guessing it will be tomorrow as Paul the Octopus have Sunday’s off 😉

  3. Seafood lover says:

    Not too far to see Octopus paul to end up on sushi plate

  4. sajjad says:

    Why the Paul perdict the Winner of world cup 2010 ?
    they can put all the countries flags in water and everyone that paul like is the winner ! 😀

  5. Pauls Fan says:

    Waiting eagerly fr Paul to Pick the winning Team :>

  6. Driconio says:

    when will you disclose the prdiction of Germany-Spain???

  7. admin says:

    I think the prediction for the Germany vs. Spain game will take place tomorrow. Once we have an update on that prediction we will make sure to write a post about it.

  8. ban says:

    octopus is right

  9. Paul says:

    Hasn’t anyone considered that maybe Paul just really likes the colours of the German flag?

  10. admin says:


    That theory would work if it wasn’t for the fact that he picked Serbia to win in the only game Germany lost so far.

  11. No Soul says:

    Well the church tells us that Jesus would one day come back to us. Since they didn’t say what he would come back as it might be Jesus making those picks for Germany.

  12. Paul Anka says:

    I am a big fan of this octopus. I think it’s awesome that he has the ability to predict the winner of all these games. But how does he keep up to date with the latest injury reports and other team news?

  13. Die hard German fan! says:

    Paul better predict Germany winning for the next match against Spain! i live in India! most of the people here are supporting Spain! Paul’s my only hope 🙂

  14. Deutschlands Fan says:

    Hello I’m from Germany, really in these predictions i haven’t believed but now i really believe in this octopus I’m waiting for the next prediction but i think its hard to say who’s gonna win.

  15. Melody says:

    Paul… makes me happy.,
    whatever he is luck or having the ability for picking right team. IMPORTANT is MY GERMAN TEAM WIN.
    AND we also has to pray FOR HIM OF CHOOSING OUR TEAM ALWAYS.

  16. Spainish lover says:

    It will spain who will win semi and world cup and octopus will like spanish food. HAHA

  17. pratik agarwal says:

    I dont believe on paul………….

  18. Lee says:

    Because I lost a bet on England beating Germany I decided I would listen to this octopus’s prediction. So glad I did as had £20 english pounds on the following quarter finals accumulator –

    Uruguay Ghana Draw in 90 Mins
    Holland to beat Brazil in 90 Mins
    Germany to beat Argentina (thanks to octopus, as I was going to put Argentina)
    Spain to beat Paraguay in 90 Mins

    Won £1023 quid! Thanks Paul the Octopus!

    Just hope he predicts Spain to beat Germany next game! As I have a bet on Spain to win and David Villa top goalscorer.

  19. Bishal kc says:

    hello i m from Nepal. I like the way this octopus is predicting and i hope that it will be German which he will pick next time too. Go paul go pick Germany

  20. HemantAbbott says:

    I wonder what will happen if Paul the octopus choose a team which is not Germany in Semi-final or Final of this world cup. Germany wins because they played well. They’ll lose if they play bad.. There is nothing to be a role play by octopus. And I must say Germany is playing so nice they can lift this world cup. But football is a game of surprises and even the toughest of the teams looses out in this game.. That is why people love this game. The whole world is mad about this game. So keep your fingers crossed folks and let’s see what happen when Spanish Armada meets German Knights..

  21. ally albeity says:

    I believe that the octopus will go in favour of spain this time……”

  22. pallav says:

    what Paul says about the final? does paul predict on other things rather than German matches?

  23. admin says:


    Congrats man, that’s a really nice score.


    Paul doesn’t say anything about the final yet and he only predicts Germany’s World Cup matches.

    The semi final prediction should come out tomorrow so make sure to bookmark SportsUntapped.com to get the latest prediction from Paul the Octopus.

  24. Elvi says:

    hope to chose germany XD, hey admin please tell us tomorrow about the ocptopus 🙂

  25. Matt says:

    I was first very skeptical about Paul. But after the group stage games, I BELIEVE IN PAUL!

    Betting on GER on both games versus ENG & ARG! Both BIG money!

    Next one will not be easy for Paul to pick, because SPAIN & GERMAN flags are somewhat \similar\, with red & yellow color.

    But like I said, I BELIEVE IN YOU, PAUL. Whatever you pick!

    Thanks PAUL!

  26. Anand lama says:

    Hi,I live in Sikkim which is a part of he Himalayas.we dont get to see octopus but here paul is predicting 2010 world cup matches.I would love to visit some day and see paul in person to believe this wonder in person.Who says miracles dont happen anymore.Paul is a big celebrity here and the world.People are all eager to see the prediction of Gremany vs Spain.I am a great fan of the Greman team and I know for sure that the german team will beat spain and lift the world cup but then I would like to know pauls prediction.I can see a lot of money is being invested on pauls prediction.

  27. pallav says:

    thanks for replying.
    for Paul…….he rulz!!!!
    waiting for tomorrows prediction………good luck Paul…tk cr admin!

  28. admin says:


    As soon as the octopus prediction for the Germany vs. Spain game is made public we will post about it here at SportsUntapped.com.

  29. Cheryl says:

    Paul is gonna end up in a Spanish paella lol!

  30. Jeet says:

    I didnt believe on Paul’s predictions…. I was supporting Argentina….but thats really bizarre… Paul seems to be the oracle of this generation… wish if Paul can predict the world will/will not end on 21st Dec, 2012 as some say there will be a polar shift on earth… hehe

  31. die Pauli says:

    It’s very sweet they actually gave the octopus a name.

    In any event, I wonder if the players are aware of Paul! The media stare has been on Paul; I wonder if the players left in this Cup are superstitious and also take Paul’s predictions/elegant way of getting a snack as how a football match will turn out.

    Just play on lads!

  32. doo says:

    if german wins this match then i will *censored* that octopus paul.

  33. el messi-ah says:

    yummy yummy octopus..keep picking germany as u hv sent the mighty albiceleste bck home..luv u Paul

  34. lakhbir says:

    love y paul,give another good one

  35. arkytex says:


  36. Jharna says:

    This is really cool. Paul the octopus!

    BUT I pray that he picks Espana for the semis match and not Deutschland..
    Go Espana!

    Pls let us know soon when he predicts the next winner..

  37. Shteinzen says:

    What species of Octopus is Paul?

  38. utpalendu says:

    i think they will not announce paul’s prediction if it predicts a spanish victory instead of germany

  39. morgan says:

    I’m FROM MYANMAR…..Paul is German octopus!! He will pick Germany team for semi…but bliv me…my dog also gave me alot money….i never lose untill now…but i don play all the match….sometime my dog no picking up anything from my game…! Now My dog picking up, semi final match for SPAIN (ESPANOL)…this time he pick up like very fast….i think this game will end 3-2, Spain WIN….

  40. admin says:


    I am pretty sure they will announce the prediction no matter what as there is a lot of media coverage and journalists at the tank where the prediction takes place.

    He did predict that Serbia would beat Germany (which they did) and they published that prediction just like all the others.

  41. tanmoy sarker says:

    yahoo! i like the way paul predicting the mach against argentina. i hope the next prediction will cut the spain out of the world cup 2010. ha ha ha…….

  42. prantor says:

    i hav two pet cats. may i try them to predict the upcoming world cup matches. (they are too lazy fat cat). i am waiting . pleaz somebody permit me… i am still waiting……….

  43. Adam rajesh says:

    Villa will prove d *censored* octopus wrong!!!

  44. admin says:


    I permit you to let your two cats predict the outcome of the Spain vs. Germany game. Let’s see if they can measure up to the mighty Paul the Octopus.

    Send me pics of your cats predicting this game and I promise you that I will post it here on the site. 🙂


  45. John says:

    Any one octopus for dinner ????

  46. John says:

    Any1 want octopus for dinner?

  47. Jim says:

    Nice predictions!

    I still have one question though – how did his caretakers know to use him for prediction in the first place?

  48. eva says:

    Has anyone ask him/herself that maybe the German flag colors are responsible for Paul’s eating habit? Maybe these 3 colors are more visible for the octopus, so he always eats from the box where German flag is placed.

    They should try this experiment: let one box has the German flag, and the other one Belgium flag (they’re very very similar). What will Paul do then?

  49. Jeet says:

    alas… if maradona would hav had heard about Paul’s predictions… he would hav strengthen this miserable defence of la albiceleste… an argentine defence can not be that pathetic… or this could be an argentine myth against germans….believe it or not, wait for another Paul says…

  50. Malvika says:

    im desperately waiting for the germany vs spain results… hope that paul chooses germany… they shouldnt lose after coming so far and demolishing argentina the way they did- it would be soooooo wrong! anyway, theyve got the potential to beat spain(even if its in the penaltiy kicks)… omg i am going CRAZY here! cant paul speed up a bit?

  51. Oneh says:

    Human are Hard to Pleased!!

    I believe alot of people are in favour of England & Argentina over Germany. When Paul predicted German win, I saw Argentina fans making nasty remarks over Paul’s prediction, which makes me felt so irritated about it.

    If you doubt believe in Paul’s prediction or think it is just sheer luck, then why bother to search for Paul the octopus and deliberately curse and swear and it??

    Just leave him alone. If you are smart, just go n do your own prediction!!

  52. I am Paul says:

    Psss…I dont mind predicting Spain wins, but with one condition.
    Can u put more fresh mussels in Spain box? and a performance by P.diddy please.

  53. LT says:

    I bet in every game predicted by Paul, and had won 4 figures of $$$$! Long life, Paul!!!

  54. dann says:

    The octopus has picked spain.

  55. lioren says:

    hello iam from germany and this octupus is really amazing octuupus rocksssss

  56. emres8 says:

    So, what about Holland vs Uruguay match?which flag that Paul choose?

  57. dhruv says:

    When will paul make the prediction for GER vs esp match..?
    well, an indian numerologist has predicted germany to win the world cup..
    hope it happens..
    go germany!!

  58. joju says:

    the octopus picks spain this time 🙁 hopefully he’s wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Lfay says:

    @Joju It’s probably fake… I haven’t found the real prediction so far..

  60. admin says:

    There are rumors circulating the internet that Paul the Octopus picked Spain to win the game against Germany. I think those reports are fake because I find it hard to believe that Paul makes his predictions late at night between Sunday and Monday.

    I will report about Paul’s latest prediction here at SportsUntapped.com as soon as I get the news from a reliable source instead of some part time blogger who is looking to get some attention.


  61. Beenod says:

    when will you publish prediction result for semi…..Germany and Spain

  62. ny says:

    Yes..please i’m a biggest fan of germany ..when i read a news paul pick spain, i feel so down..

  63. Tasha says:


    Yes you find it hard to believe that Paul makes his predictions late at night, but this octopus is based in GERMANY. Time difference…

  64. monya says:

    How bout Holland – Uruguay ?

  65. Raghav-IND says:

    Hi Paul

    yes..we are eagerly waiting for your prediction for the Germany Vs Spain semifinal match. Pls pick Germany

  66. mark says:

    it’s so funny how people dont read the comments of others and keep asking when the prediction will be…
    i think the octopus does it 1 day before the game…
    i think it will predict Germany, but I sure hope Spain wins..
    oh well, at least messi will be 27 when he gets to brazil in 2014

  67. subin gajurel says:

    Hello i am from nepal….and i am eagerly waiting for paul’s prediction….when will it be done for the match between germany and spain??
    hope the prediction comes out against spain…..

  68. Elvi says:

    still waiting :/

  69. admin says:


    I am actually in the same time zone as Paul the Octopus so that’s why I can tell you for sure that the picture of him picking the Spanish box is fake.

    @Everyone asking about the next prediction

    I have already told you that as soon as the REAL prediction is made public we will post about it here at SportsUntapped.com. If the information about the Germany vs. Spain prediction is not up on the site yet that means he didn’t make his pick yet.


  70. Indonesia says:


  71. Morgan says:

    I tell u everyone!!!!!!!! Put yr MONEY to SPAIN…..Untill now i never lose the match!!!!!! I use by my Owngame…!!But I don play all the Match.Now…this time is 3-2 Spain WIN….& The last GOAL Score by Fernando Torres…!! Maybe Ext time!!!! don put so many money!! Enjoy…

  72. solo says:

    fake spain prediction, it’s photo-shopped, wait for video.

  73. Viewer says:

    Call it what you like, crap, stunt, Paul liking the German flag colors or whatever! Fact is Germany have shown their mettle against Argentina and now it’s time for the Spanish team to be bulldozed!

    Mind you I am not a fan of any team. But what I’ve seen is most of the other teams live by the big names and die by them..unlike Germany who play as a team. So Hier ist nach Deutschland!!

  74. Morgan says:

    Octupus U much Hurry PICKup!!!! I want to know what time Octupus will pickup!!????
    I want to know My GAME and his choice is same or not……..!!

    pls..admin! can u tell me the time?

  75. jadd says:

    total bogus stuff……… I don’t believe……….

    you will see this time paul will predict … due to pressure ………….. if yes then paul’s prediction will be false………

  76. Lasse says:


    Are you serious? Your comment doesn’t even make sense. You are saying that this is bogus and that you don’t believe the predictions.

    Yet you are saying that you think Paul will be affected by pressure. I have some news for you my friend. This is just a normal octopus and it’s not meant to be taken seriously. You really think this octopus is feeling the pressure when he makes his predictions? He just wants a mussel and that’s it.

  77. The Truth says:

    German bloggers say that the prediction will be on Tuesday 11pm (GMT+1).

  78. mimi says:

    Pls i want to know if paul the octopus do predict every world cup match, if so pls i want to know his prediction on uruguay vs holland match which is tomorrow.

  79. Bikash says:

    this octopus always chooses the team on the right side………………

  80. Bikash says:

    but still waitin for germany vs spain prediction………………

  81. paco says:

    morgon i have to say Fernando Torres will be lucky to get on the pitch so your bet will be up the spout

  82. admin says:

    @The Thruth

    Thanks for that update. I trust those German bloggers more than the random idiots out there posting fake pictures.


    In the game against England he picked Germany which was the left box so it’s not always the right box that gets picked.

    Read the comment from “The Truth” above. The prediction for the Germany vs. Spain game will be presented tomorrow so check back here for updates, videos and pics.


  83. The Truth says:

    Sorry i made a mistake. The prediction will be at 11am on Tuesday, of course.

  84. admin says:


    I think I have mentioned this a couple of times before but I can understand if it gets lost amongst all these comments so I will say it again…

    Paul the Octopus only predict Germany’s matches. You will not find octopus predictions for any matches where Germany is not involved.


  85. K-Man says:

    I am yet to see Paul pick the box on the left. He always picks the one on the right.

  86. Morgan says:

    SPAIN beat Germany two years ago in the 2008 Euro final, 1-0. Fernando Torres netted the game’s only goal…..This time for Fernando Torres!!!

  87. pli bengkong says:

    when paul predict Netherlands vs uruguay ?????

  88. Gorilaman says:

    Hallo whre’s the news…..
    Paul the greatest….
    German vs spain who will win???
    Admin share it!!!!!

  89. Avinah Khadka says:

    @ admin:
    When wil paul predict for spain vs germany match….i can t wait to see him choosing spanish

  90. admin says:

    @Pli Bengkong

    He is only predicting games where Germany is playing so that’s not gonna happen.


    The prediction is not out yet. We will know tomorrow. Check back then.

    @Avinah Khadka

    Read what I just told Gorilaman.

  91. pli bengkong says:

    im sorry…..
    i dont know about that….

  92. amirali says:

    I’m thinking that if octopus choose Spain flag,what will happen?even if the Germans would be the real winner,this bad news may decrease their hope.

  93. Katee says:

    You also have to remember that many of Germany’s new players came from the Euro Championship winning U21 squad, so it’s a completely different Germany team Spain is facing as opposed to the one they faced two years ago. And Spain hasn’t been on peak form yet to where as Germany’s scored four goals in two-thirds of their World Cup matches. So…. GO GERMANY! 🙂

  94. 9ice says:

    hello, when can we see poul octopus predicts match for germany vs spain 2010? Pls upload the video and pics for us tomorrow we are waiting for the result soon..thnx

  95. 9ice says:

    I think if you have ask Octopus to predict for germany and spain today 5th of july pls show to the wolrd that everything poul choose are right answer!! Thx

  96. spain fifa 2010 world champion says:

    @morgan,… u r the best… i love ur dog very much.. he’s right… spain’s going to win….. spain’ll surely win.. i believe them… they can do it…. spain’s the winner!! VIVA ESPANA!!!!

  97. natasha says:

    God, I’m so nervous about Paul’s tomorrow prediction… Already have read this fake posts about him choosing Spain, so you can say anything, but a lot of people are believing Paul 🙂 and the fact that some fools made a fake photo just proves it!
    I’m from russia, but for almost 7 years I support only Germany, soo
    Even if Paul chooses spain, Germany will win . They are showing the best game on this Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it cannot be said about Spain

  98. RABS says:

    one fact that most people do not know about Octopus is that they are naturally attracted to the brighter colours when feeding – thus the German Flag is a good catch with it’s bright red and yellow as aposed to argentinas blue. Try it your self next time you go to any aquarium. Tie 2 pieces of fabric to 2 poles – one red and one any other colour. The octopus will go for the red every time. it’s a proven fact. sorry Paul – you are just an Octopus. The only reason Paul has predicted Spain to win is because the spanish flag has more red. So all you Germans out there – I believe you will it — no matter what paul says.

  99. cmotta says:

    Cheers! I’m from Mexico..
    I find quite interesting Paul, not for the metaphysics in it’s predictions but in the folklore created around ‘him’…

    Anyway, I’ll bet on Germany because it’s the only team that has won all it’s games by more than one goal… that can’t be just luck!

    Hope one day Mexico soccer team will come A LITTLE closer to the greatness of Germany! Deutschland, die beste Fußballmannschaft!

  100. amydinh says:

    @RABS: I’ve been thinking about your theory also, but how about the time when Paul chose Serbia’s flag over Germany’s? Serbia’s flag clearly has fewer bright colors compared to the red and yellow stripes of Germany’s one.

  101. Bikash says:

    @RABS:- yup…………..n if dis continues den germans will go down…………..i too was lookin at the choosing thing……………….he has choosen only bright coloured flag…………….den do that mean spain is the winner,as it has the brightest coloured flag den ny of the countries in the semis????????????????

  102. huh says:

    Serbia’s colors are not as bright as Germany’s so why did it pick Serb?
    If it’s attracted to red, England flag has a big red cross on it so why didn’t it choose that?

  103. Nepali dude says:

    Oh no, Spain 2 crush germany………….NOO
    i m from nepalll

  104. Anurag says:

    I’m from nepal and a bio student….i agree withwaht RABS said…Octopus r attracted to bright colours….well abou germans and serbia it was rather luck but comparing other results it was obvious for paul to choose germany n they were stronger team than their opponents to…Even though i’m a german hater in football…i guess germans win but am supporting spain and have betted more than 25$ for them…….hope spain wins………. gud luck spain!!!!

  105. Bikash says:

    its already 12 noon wer is the prediction??????????????m so eager to c it…..

  106. el messi-ah says:

    u r the most standard creature paul the octopus…keep it up buddy boy!!!

  107. ROKAS says:

    WHO WIN? link link give me link

  108. el messi-ah says:

    paul has gone out for a walk in the park with his buddies,he will be back late for the prediction and his mussels..)))

  109. Tolstoy says:

    Paul has picked Spain for real.

  110. natasha says:

    Paul made prediction. He picked Spain
    but in the Euro 2008 final he picked Germany, and they didnt win

    here is the link to the photo


  111. admin says:

    It’s true that Paul the Octopus made his prediction for the Germany vs. Spain game today. We have written a post about this and it’s linked to from this post.

  112. sarah says:

    is there a video?? could u plz post the link thank u

  113. admin says:


    Check out the new post that we made about the prediction. There is a video embedded in that post.


  114. tatyina says:

    Well I see u people only are interested in predictions….what a shame, I only noticed one person asking” HOW DID THE OWNERS GET TO KNOW THAT THEY CAN USE THAT THING TO PREDICT ??????.. Open up people and answer that question….I COMMAND THE BLOOD OF JESUS UPON THAT OCTOPUS…..People don`t be fooled by this rubbish ..WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU…God have mercy on all of u….u are taking this as a joke but u jus don`t know what u getting urselves into….

  115. fikri says:

    what was the wrong prediction in the european championship pls?

  116. Morgan says:

    I told u alredy to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dog is never wrong!!!! NOw also same with Paul is pick………SO…What u waiting for!!!! remember my game also give me,,,3-2 Spain WIN…Good Luck Everybody……!!!!!!!!!!

    Ps..I’m so sorry….PAUL….Good Bye!!

  117. Eteo says:

    Hey u all superstitious maggots!!! How can u all let the fate of a good team in the hand of an creature….. So long until now, Germany really play good football…. More than that, they played beautifully and I think they are the spirit of a team really shown by them…. I watch football for decades, I never seen a team which so energetic, so fast, accurate, unselfish, and even the most important… TREMENDOUS GOOD TEAMWORK!!

    Dun use a creature to judge their fate…. Germany not only will beat Spain but also will win the World Cup eventually ….

    GO GO GO GERMANY!!!!!!!

  118. secretagent007su says:

    beware,the world, predictions/speculations can be fake, many people will get conned, cheated,blinded,imagine if many pple bet Spain will win following the sotong/octopus,how much many $$$ can the bookies make? billions? hard to say who will win….just wait & see & enjoy…..pls do not bet more than yr salary/the amt u can afford, or else the ah longs/loan sharks will look for u….yr wife will leave u…yr colics will laugh u…..ok…take care..

  119. Oneh says:

    Is this Paul? Why he looks so grumpy, skinny & scared? It seems that he was so eager to swim away from the Spanish tank! Guess he is under “tremendous Stress”….. 🙁

  120. Binayak says:

    sir paul opctupus….i love germany…plz..dont let me down..

  121. Matt says:



    See my first posting on July 4, 2010 at 10:55 am.

    Before the game, i really like the Germany team, because they play GREAT football so far.

    But like I said, I BELIEVE IN PAUL! So without any doubts, I place my BIG BET on SPAIN. And MONEY IN THE BANK!

    Too bad Paul will not predict the FINAL.

    So its time to go for vacation for me too.

  122. OctopiVanDerBlit says:

    The Octopus is marvelous..!!!!! I need Paul to predict the following:
    1–When BP will have the hole plug ?
    2–When will the Economy to recover ?

  123. Steve says:

    would like to see what he says about the final match on sunday

  124. Pravin says:

    Does it always pick the container that is on the right side?

  125. sally says:

    Hai Morgan, i’m verry interest with you dog pick. can u tell us what you dog choice for the final match NETHERLAND vs SPAIN???
    Thx before Morgan n we wait for your answer.

  126. Oneh says:

    Little Paul will make his prediction Today. He will be picking the Winner for 3rd/4th placing AND also be given another 2 boxes with Mussles to Pick the winner for the Finals, if he is not Bored or Full. I hope that the information I have read is True and Correct.

  127. Oneh says:

    Ok. Paul has picked Germany & Spain as the Winner for the last two matches.

    @ Morhan, yeah, i am also keen to know if your Doggie make any pick?

  128. CRZ says:

    These comments are really quite amusing.

    I’m not from Nepal 🙂

  129. Matt says:

    Thanks Paul, I made $5k during the world cup because of you!

    See you in the EURO 2012!

  130. raby says:

    Octopuses are attracted to red and yellow colors which Spain has aplenty. while British flag has a big red cross that is ‘cancelled’ by the blue, so Paul didn’t go for that.

  131. S.A says:

    I think paul picks the flag with the most red, check it out:-)

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