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Woman arrested for attending soccer match in Saudi Arabia – SportsUntapped.com
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Woman arrested for attending soccer match in Saudi Arabia
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A woman was recently busted by authorities in Saudi Arabia for the crime of attending a football match. The nation only allows males in stadiums and the woman claimed she didn’t know about the antiquated law. There are pretty strict segregation rules and regulations for males and females over in Saudi Arabia and this is one of them. There aren’t any designated female areas at the games and because of this they’re not allowed to attend them. However, Saudi authorities have been talking about designated family areas for some time now and women will eventually be allowed to watch the contests from that area.

The rule may not seem fair to most people and one of the reasons for this is because some foreign women have been exceptions to it and have been allowed to attend matches. An Australian football fan was allowed to watch a game in October at the main stadium in the city of Riyadh as she had traveled to Saudi Arabia to follow the Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club. In addition, several American women were allowed to watch an encounter in Riyadh last January as they were touring the country with members of the American Congress.

Police didn’t release the name of the woman who was recently arrested, but she said she bought a ticket for the game over the internet without encountering any problems and then showed up at the Al-Jawhara Stadium in the city of Jiddah, which lies on the Red Sea. The contest was between Al-Ittihad of Jiddah and Al-Shabab of Riyadh. Atti al-Qurashi, who is a police spokesperson, told the media that the woman was disguised as a make and stadium security personnel spotted her.

Police said the woman was between 20 and 30 years old and they questioned her for impersonating a make by wearing sunglasses, a hat, a long-sleeved shirt and trousers. Women in Saudi Arabia are supposed to wear an abaya in public, which is a loose black dress. Also, most females cover their face and hair with a niqab, which s a veil. The woman was taken into custody at was being held at a girl’s center in Mecca. Saudi clerics don’t allow women’s teams in their country and it’s hard for females to find places to exercise. Of course, they’re not supposed to dress up as men either and attend local football matches, but apparently they still do.

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