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Wilson: Favre Dumb to Get Caught – SportsUntapped.com
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Wilson: Favre Dumb to Get Caught
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Texas Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson has gone on record that Brett Favre got caught in his naked picture texting scandal for one reason only: a low tech IQ. Wilson also suggested Cliff Lee was an overrated coward in a candid interview with SI.com Hot Clicks Czar Jimmy Traina. The interview ran before Christmas, but gained attention after Favre was fined by the NFL on Wednesday.

C.J. Wilson on Favre:

I think getting caught with that kind of stuff [naked picture texts] is directly related to technological intelligence. If you have a high tech IQ, you don’t get caught. If you have a low tech [IQ], then you’re gonna get caught doing stupid stuff. I have no sympathy for Favre.

Wilson on Lee:

[Lee going back to the Phillies] was a little bit of a lower pressure situation. Although it is Philly, he didn’t have to be the savior. He was gonna be one of four pitchers. So it’s a completely different scenario than him coming to Texas and having all the pressure on him. … Cliff wasn’t as effective in the regular season as we hoped he’d be … he didn’t pitch as well in the World Series as he wanted to.

Wilson on what the World Series meant to  him and his Twitter account:

I got 20,000 more Twitter followers just from being in the playoffs. It was OK, but it was over pretty quick. It would’ve been nice to have more drama and a Game 6 or 7. The funny thing is the notoriety increased a lot so every Giants fan knows who I am and they hit me up on Twitter and talk crap.

Wilson was 0-2 in the ALCS and World Series, allowing nine earned runs in three starts.

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