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Added June 10th, 2010 by Jonas

Who the hell is Dudi Sela?
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Go figure. Just when I thought Andy Roddick would go and show that he is ready for another great grass court season, he goes and loses to Israeli “journeyman” Dudi Sela in ATP Queens.

What does this mean for Roddick’s (or American players in general) Wimbledon campaign and who the hell is Dudi Sela?

Dudi Sela is an Israeli tennis player born in 1985 who has actually been as high up as #29 on the rankings (in 2009, now he is #63). So by definition he is not really a journeyman, he is quite a solid player with decent results against top players. He has a strong and solid one-handed backhand and is quick on his feet with good hands at the net. He shouldn’t normally be a threat to Andy Roddick, but as we learn time and time again, on a grass, games passes quickly and two sets can be over while you are just warming up.

What about Andy then? Will there be a miserable Wimbledon year for the Americans?

Andy will bounce back. Over five sets he is too much of a fighter to leave Wimbledon early. We also have Querrey and Isner, two giants with serves that should be able to give them many free points. Personally, I think Isner is the biggest talent and the player with most potential. If he can be injury-free he should climb inside the top ten anytime soon. Maybe after a successful Wimbledon campaign? Also he has great hands.

Then we have James Blake. What happened to him? Where is this fan favorite of ours? Well, he has been injured since the hardcourt Masters, but he will be in action again in the grass tournament in Eastbourne and hopefully then in Wimbledon. James is a competent grass court player and I hope and think he can impress this year as he should be inspired after the injury delay.

So American tennis is not looking half-bad pre-Wimbledon, despite Andy’s loss to Dudi Sela earlier today.

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  1. israeli says:

    ill tell u who is dudi sela… he is the king of tennis from israel so all u haters out there.. be ready for wimbeldon !!! dudi we love u!!!! I*S*R*A*E*L *4* E*V*E*R

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