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Which 2-0 Teams Will Lose This Week?
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After two games, eight NFL teams remain undefeated: the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Only two of those teams — the Saints and Packers — made the playoffs last season. Come with us as we look into the future to see which teams will stay undefeated and which will start falling back.

49ers (0-2) at Chiefs (+120) Sunday 1 PM EDT – Home underdogs or not, I think the Chiefs should win this game. Sure, the 49ers looked a lot better in their home opener on Monday night, but it’s easy to get up against the Saints. I don’t know that 49ers quarterback Alex Smith is good enough to come into Arrowhead and win on the road. The Chiefs might need another touchdown from their special teams or defense, but I think they get to 3-0.

Cowboys (0-2) at Texans (-140) Sunday 1 PM EDT – I’d be really surprised if the Cowboys don’t pull the upset on Sunday. Certainly, Dallas didn’t deserve the preseason Super Bowl hype it got, but they’re not 0-3 bad, and I still don’t believe the Texans are that good either.  The Cowboys almost won in Washington on their final play in week one, while the Texans won in Washington in overtime in week two.  They should be pretty evenly matched against each other, but the Cowboys need the game much more and the Texans are probably already getting big heads.

Falcons (1-1) at Saints (-200) Sunday 1 PM EDT – The Saints should obviously win this at home against a divisional opponent.  The Saints didn’t look great on Monday night in San Francisco, but I see them winning another close game on Sunday unless they really beat themselves.

Steelers (-140) at Buccaneers Sunday 1 PM EDT – The Steelers lost yet another quarterback last Sunday, but the first two games seem to indicate it doesn’t matter who their quarterback is.  Plus, Charlie Batch may very well be better than that Dixon kid. The Buccaneers barely beat the Browns at home in week one before beating Carolina on the road last week. The Steelers should be a lock to win this battle of unbeatens.

Jets (1-1) at Dolphins (-130) Sunday Night – Both teams are coming off impressive wins last week — the Dolphins winning in Minnesota, and the Jets beating the Patriots at home by two touchdowns. In week one, the Dolphins got a road win in Buffalo, while the Jets lost at home on Monday night to the Ravens. The teams should be pretty evenly matched, but the Jets need it more and I think they’ll gut out a close win.

Packers at Bears (+135) Monday Night – Are the Bears the team that got lucky to beat Detroit at home in week one, or the team that won at Dallas last week? The Packers have been more consistent, jumping all over the Kevin Kolb-led Eagles in Philadelphia in week one, and blowing out Buffalo at home in week two.  Both teams are probably a bit overrated, as are quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz worked another miracle, but this should be the Packers game to win.

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2 Responses to “Which 2-0 Teams Will Lose This Week?”

  1. Joey says:

    Your funny you don’t know anything about quarterbacks if you say Aaron Rodgers is overrated. Watch how he plays watch how accurate he is. He can make throws that other quarterbacks can’t make. His decision making is one of the best while having one of the Nfls worse lines last year he still managed a pro bowl year. You can say all you want that he holds onto the ball to long but last year the reason he was holding onto the ball to long was because of his line. I believe the line is better this year especially cause two starters from last year aren’t even on the team. Obviously you don’t know how to judge a quarterbacks cause Jay Cutler can be a great quarterback he has all the tools and one of the games strongest arms. He just has to improve on decision making and so far its working. Before you open up your mouth about stuff you don’t really know anything about think about what your saying.

  2. Ken says:

    Bears blow out the packers Monday night… Packers are pretenders and not nearly as good as the hype. 37-14 Bears. Cutler will have 400+ yards passing 4 TD’s 0 int’s… The pretenders are revealed Monday night!!

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