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What About Scottie Reynolds?

Over at The Dagger, Matt Norlander discusses the NCAA basketball Player of the Year award, and his subjects are Evan Turner and John Wall.  As a UK fan, I, for one, support the idea of John Wall winning, and I’m a learned enough fan of college basketball to recognize what Turner brings to the table.  How can you not?

However, there’s perhaps one more player that should be mentioned in this discussion, and with no offense to Luke Harangody, The player I’m talking about is Villanova’s Scottie Reynolds.

Why does Reynolds deserve mention here?  For one, he’s the best player on a team that could very well find themselves on top the of the college basketball polls after this weekend is over.  Not only that, but — Michigan State and UConn’s roster notwithstanding — he’s one of the only players on this year’s group of top teams who has Final Four experience, which stands out to the Rush The Court fellows as well.

In his post, Norlander uses Wall’s and Turner’s stats to help make his case.

Following suit, here are Scottie’s:

18.7 PPG
3.3 AST
2.8 RPG
.496 FG%
.417 3pt FG%
1.7 SPG

By comparison, Reynolds is every bit the statistical monster Wall and Turner are.  Granted, Turner averages better rebounds and Wall does better in the assists department, but Reynolds is a better shooter, especially from behind the arc. In today’s college basketball game, the importance of having a point guard who can drill opponents from behind the arc is hard to put a price on.

Whatever it is, it’s high.

While Reynolds makes a little over two 3-pointers a game, it’s still better than Wall or Turner.  In fact, Turner only has seven 3s all season.  Wall has 18.  Reynolds has 43.  Furthermore, Turner only has 41 made 3-pointers for his entire collegiate career.

Of course, the Player of the Year award doesn’t come down to a 3-point shooting contest, but when you compare stats, Reynolds ability to hit the outside shot looms over Wall and Turner.  Then there’s that whole “best player on one of the best teams” issue, as well.  Not only is he the straw that stirs Jay Wright’s drink, he’s also the team’s leading scorer.

If Villanova is going to make a return trip the Final Four, it will be largely because of how Reynolds plays.  Yes, he has effective teammates who help make ‘Nova a formidable team, but then again, so does John Wall.  The question is, would either team of Wildcats be anywhere near as effective without their otherworldly point guard leaders?

While Turner and Wall might make better NBA prospects, the PoY award is given to the best college basketball player, not the one who will make the best pro.

Don’t forget about Jay Wright’s waterbug when it comes time to handing out end-of-season awards, because the Big East sure as hell won’t.

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3 Responses to “What About Scottie Reynolds?”

  1. DREALTRUTH says:

    While I like everyone to be in the discussion, I have to laugh when you put up Reynolds stats up against Wall or Turner. He is significantly lower than both in every category and only equal in pts. Not to mention your premise that his 3pt shooting should justify his being POY. If that’s the case Diebler should be a candidate or Hummel. This is an incredibly weak case and I believe Reynolds deserves a better advocate. Your case just doesn’t hold water, so I guess I’ll flush.

  2. Chris says:

    He’s a better shooter. And no, my premise is not just his 3-point shooting prowess, something this very sentence explains: “Of course, the Player of the Year award doesn’t come down to a 3-point shooting contest, but when you compare stats, Reynolds ability to hit the outside shot looms over Wall and Turner.”

    They do things better than he does and he does some things better than they do. He is, however, the best player on one of the best teams in the country. That, alone, deserves mention.

    Keep it or flush it, it doesn’t change that simple fact. Lastly, I wasn’t advocating him, merely suggesting him. Of course, you were so busy trying to dispute the post, you probably missed the difference between the two.

  3. Allen says:

    I agree with you Chris. Any fan who watches Big East basketball has to know that Reynolds is just as feared of a player fro opposing teams as Wes Johnson or Harangody. Reynolds has arguably been Nova’s most valuable the past 3 seasons. He just hasn’t had as high of a scoring avg until this season. Although Nova is stacked in the backcourt, Scottie is a rock and provides veteran leadership on one of the nation’s best teams. He provides whatever they need on a given night. He can drop 40 pts, hand out 8-10 assists, or even grab 6-8 rebs, and is as tough of a player that I’ve seen this year in college basketball. DREALTRUTH won’t admit it, but he obviously hasn’t watched many Villanova games. Good piece Chris. By the way, good work at Intentional Foul as well.

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