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Western Union Sportsbooks – Money Transfer Sports Betting

Western Union Internet Sportsbooks

Western Union Sportsbooks” are online sports wagering sites that encourage customers to use Western Union to fund their gambling accounts. Three good Western Union sportsbooks are:

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2. was the first online sportsbook to accept many different payment methods, broadcasting their willingness to work with just about any reputable financial transfer or e-commerce company. Western Union’s tradition going back to the 19th century combined with Bodog’s taste for innovation makes them great partners. Established in 1995, Bodog is still one of the fastest growing sportsbooks and poker room in the industry. Talk to a Bodog fan about the site and you’re likely to get an enthusiastic earful.

The welcome bonus at’s sportsbook is standard fare—a 10% cash bonus. One big difference between Bodog and other 10% match bonuses is that Bodog has no top limit to their match. You are only limited by how much your transfer method limits are for a single day’s transaction. You are required to deposit $20 minimum if depositing online or a $50 minimum if depositing by phone. Since Western Union’s maximum transfer amount is different from one country to another, your bonus depends on your country’s maximum transfer. Most countries have a $5,000 limit or equivalent, meaning your bonus at Bodog just for signing up can be up to $500.

That high maximum transfer amount makes Western Union a perfect match for’s sportsbook. Western Union transfers are not as fast as other transfer methods, but they are far more secure than using your credit card, far less likely to be rejected, and can open you up to some big bonuses just for signing up.

Some people are still afraid to do business with after some slow payout issues in 2005 and 2006. The fact is Intertops is one of the founders of online sportsbook action, open and doing business since 1996. Payout issues were with one entity only (Neteller), meaning that using Western Union to fund Intertops makes even more sense. Intertops is still one of the most popular online books, and their millions of happy customers could care less about the Neteller issues.

Intertops’ bonus system is pretty standard as online sportsbooks go. Just for signing up at Intertops, you earn $20 in free bets. You clear this bonus by betting $20, so that even if you lose your first bet, you’ve made out even. Not sure if you will like using Intertops? Join today and make a free bet.

Using Western Union transfers to your account may not be quite as convenient as using a credit card—there’s a bit of a hassle to go through when sending a Western Union payment—but transactions made with Western Union are almost sure to go through, unlike credit card transfers. Since Western Union transfers are backed up to a certain amount, the cash you send via Western Union to is secure.

Ladbrokes has a rich tradition in wagering, going all the way back to the 19th century, when Ladbrokes deal in racing thoroughbreds. was the first online betting site to offer a “single wallet” system, joining all its gaming options into a single account. Millions of people around the world do their online wagering with

Some online sportsbooks are aimed at high rollers or aimed specifically at recreational wagerers, but is a comfortable home for both. To increase your betting maximums, prove your value to Ladbrokes by making a massive deposit or wagering lots of cash and building loyalty. Gamblers playing less action can bet as little as $5 when wagering online, while the high rollers among us can see their maximums raised as high as management allows.

Using Western Union at is much safer than handing over your credit card details. There are plenty of deposit methods available to people who want to wager at Ladbrokes, but some of these methods can block you from earning the best bonuses. Occasionally, will put out a promotional bonus offer for players who make their transfers with anything but a credit card. Transfer funds to your account with Western Union and you may have access to some extra bonus cash.

About Western Union

Western Union is a massive satellite communication and financial systems company that operates out of Colorado and New Jersey in the United States. Western Union earns billions of dollars annually in revenue as a financial transaction provider. At one time, Western Union was best-known as the number one telegram company in the world, but telegrams are no longer part of the Western Union business model.

Western Union does business in many different markets, but the most popular today is their money transfer, money order, and bill payment services. People use Western Union for person-to-person money transfers, and to pay for goods and services. There are currently over 400,000 Western Union agent in 240 countries around the world.