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Week 14 NFL Betting Power Rankings – SportsUntapped.com
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Added December 8th, 2009 by Sooze

Week 14 NFL Betting Power Rankings
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1. New Orleans Saints In one of the craziest games played all season long, the Saints came away with a 33-30 victory over the Washington Redskins to stay undefeated at 12-0. Since the Colts have had a couple close calls as well, we’re gonna let these guys stay at the top. However, if they blow it against the Falcons next week, you can be sure they’ll lose the honor.

2. Indianapolis Colts (-7) As the only other unbeaten team in all of football, the Colts pulled out #12 with a dominating 27-17 win over the Titans. Next Sunday’s game against the Broncos should be a good one, but Indy is a fairly heavy favorite.

3. Minnesota Vikings (-6.5) Even after a shocking 30-17 loss to the Arizona Cardinals in the Geriatric Bowl, Brett Favre’s Vikes remain at the #3 spot. With some key defensive injuries suffered this week, get ready for an exciting game against the Bengals at Mall of America Field on Sunday.

4. Cincinnati Bengals (+6.5) Sunday’s contest against Minnesota is a huge game for Cincinnati, and they’re coming into it as the underdog. If they play as hard as they have all season, the Bengals could be the Vikings’ toughest opponent down the stretch.

5. San Diego Chargers (+3) Phillip Rivers and his Chargers are sneaking up on the Bengals in the power rankings and are second in the AFC with an identical 9-3 record (as the most brilliant commenter in the universe pointed out, the Chargers have a better conference record than the Bengals since they played 10 — not nine like Cincy — AFC games to date…. just to make things perfectly clear for everyone who assumed I thought they had the exact same record across the board, like the genius that I am.) Coming off a 30-23 win over the Browns, they’re headed into Week 14 with a Sunday afternoon game in Dallas where they might have their hands full against the Cowboys, but a seven-game winning streak should provide some momentum.

6. Philadelphia Eagles (+1) An 8-4 record isn’t so bad, and their upcoming game against the New York Giants gives them something to be excited about… a 9-4 record perhaps? We’ll see. They better win this one if they want to stay in the top six.

7. Dallas Cowboys (-3) Speaking of the Giants, that was a pretty good game the Cowboys played against them this week. Too bad they lost and dropped to seventh in our power rankings! Next game: Sunday against the Chargers. Good luck with that one Boys.

8. Denver Broncos (+7) We’re not the only ones who seriously doubt the Broncos have a shot in hell at beating Peyton Manning and company next week. On the road no less. Look for them to slide down the rankings a bit after this one.

9. New England Patriots (-13.5) The Patriots fell to ninth in the rankings this week, and that’s more or less what happens when you lose to the Miami Dolphins. Anyway, the Pats are huge favorites once again, this time over the Panthers. But as the saying goes, any given Sunday… 

10. Arizona Cardinals (-3) Good thing for the Cardinals that they have absolutely no competition in NFC West. Man, that division is terrible. Kurt Warner and the Cards should be able to pull out a victory over the 49ers next Monday night.

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3 Responses to “Week 14 NFL Betting Power Rankings”

  1. Joel says:

    Hey genius…the chargers have the number 2 spot in the AFC because they have a better conference record. Try to get your facts straight before you write some unqualified power rankings blog.

  2. Sooze says:

    Thanks buddy! I’ve updated the post accordingly. I sincerely hope that’s satisfactory.

  3. Jack says:

    And the Bengals are 3-0 outside their conference, because they’ve played three — not two like the Chargers — NFC games. Potato potahto my friends. Neither of these teams are the Colts.

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