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Week 12 NFL Betting Power Rankings – SportsUntapped.com
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Week 12 NFL Betting Power Rankings
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We have some new faces in the Power Rankings this week, along with some old hats who flip-flop the top five spots like it were a game of musical chairs. Thanksgiving week brings us some great matchups, including the undefeated New Orleans Saints, who will try to keep their perfect season alive against the New England Patriots Monday night.

1. Indianapolis Colts (-3.5) It’s Week 12 and Peyton Manning’s 10-0 Colts are ranked #1 for the second straight week. I’m not really convinced that they’re the absolute best team in the game, but they keep on beating playoff contenders, so there they stay. We’ll see if they can keep their unbeaten streak alive when they head to Houston to take on the Texans, who fell short against the Titans last Monday night.

2. New Orleans Saints (-3) Considering their issues on defense, it’s pretty impressive that the Saints still haven’t lost a game. Their biggest test yet will come Monday night when they face Tom Brady and the Patriots as slight favorites with home field advatage.

3. Minnesota Vikings (-10.5) What the Favre, you guys. I really, really want to put the Vikings in the number one spot. I really do. However, there are still two undefeated teams in the league and you just can’t get any better than that no matter how much fun your quarterback is having out there. They are more than a favorite to beat the Chicago Bears this Sunday at Mall of America Field.

4. New England Patriots (+3) The Pats swiped the #4 spot from the Bengals this week, and could stick around if they manage to ruin the Saints’ perfect season on Monday night. It’s going to be a great game!

5. Cincinnati Bengals (-14) The Bengals moved down one spot this week, but they’re still atop the AFC North even after their flat-as-a-pancake 20-17 loss to the Oakland Raiders last Sunday. This can be attributed mostly to their laundry list of impressive victories so far this season. Since they play the Browns next, they should be able to bring their record to a respectable 8-3. If not, we could see them take a serious dive.

6. San Diego Chargers (-13.5) The chargers have been recognized as a seond-half of the season sort of team and will stay at the #6 spot for that reason. This year proves that theory after we witnessed them mangle the Denver Broncos in Week 11 by a score of 32-3. Since they take on the Chiefs at home this Sunday evening, look for another San Diego victory but not much movement in the rankings.  

7. Arizona Cardinals (-3) The Cardinals beat the St. Louis Rams 21-13 last week to bring their record to 7-3 and move up a generous two spots in the power rankings. Sunday evening’s game against the Tennessee Titans, who beat the Texans 20-17 Monday night, could get interesting as Kurt Warner might join us for the game.

8. Dallas Cowboys (-13.5) The Cowboys dropped a notch from #7 last week after an agonizing to watch exciting 7-6 win over the Washington Redskins. Dallas will take on the Raiders this Thanksgiving, which should be at least  double the scoring game their last contest was. I hope.

9. New York Giants (-6.5) After the Giants squeaked by with a 34-31 win over the Falcons last week, they’ve rejoined our Top Ten, even with their less than desirable 6-4 record. They take off for Denver on Thanksgiving to face the Broncos, who were on the receiving end of a beatdown from the Chargers last weekend. Happy Holidays Broncos, you are no longer welcome in the Top Ten, and the Giants may be right behind you.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (+3) The 10-spot was a toss-up between the Jaguars and the Green Bay Packers, who were on the verge of something, until they lost what little defense they had when Aaron Kampan and Al Harris were lost to season-ending injuries. The Jags beat the Bills by a slim margain last Sunday and should do away with the San Francisco 49ers this weekend, no problem.

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