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Votto, Reds Agree on 3Year, $38 Million Deal – SportsUntapped.com
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Votto, Reds Agree on 3-Year, $38 Million Deal
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Last week, the reigning American League MVP was in the news for being hospitalized with “pneumonia.” This week, the news for the reigning National League MVP is a little better. First baseman Joey Votto has agreed to a three-year, $38 million deal to stay with the Cincinnati Reds. Votto, 27, won NL MVP and helped the Reds to a division title in his fourth big league season.

The deal seems like a win for Votto because he would have been arbitration-eligible the next three years and therefore stuck with the Reds any way. After three years, he’ll be free to leave Cincinnati for greener pastures. Last month, Votto sounded very non-committal about how long he wanted to stay with the only Major League team he’s ever played for:

It’s really hard to think three years ahead, five years ahead, seven years ahead. When [Rockies shortstop Troy] Tulowitzki signed that 10-year contract or whatever it was, I was blown away. I can’t imagine seeing myself 10 years from now and saying: ‘I want to be here.’ It’s an overwhelming thing to ask a young person like myself and say: ‘Here’s a lot of money be happy with this over 10 years. Deal with it.’ You don’t know where you’re going to be in one, two, three years. It’s been difficult for me to stay in the moment over the last few months because I’ve accomplished so much and a lot of things have been thrown my way. So for me to say: ‘I want to extend past today’ is asking a lot. It’s a difficult thing to do.

So if he’s not sure he wants to stay, why are the Reds throwing more money as this crazy Canadian kid? They’re probably trying to nurture the relationship, hoping he keeps playing well and the team stays competitive (both big ifs if you ask me). The Reds pay a bit more than they would by going to arbitration in each of the next three years, but they don’t have to risk pissing Votto off more and more each year. Will it pay off in 2014? Probably not, but it also probably makes the team look better to its fans.

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