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Added May 19th, 2014 by Ian

Unsportsmanlike NHL player threatens opponent while shaking hands
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It’s a tradition in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the teams to line up at centre ice and shake hands with each other at the end of a Stanley Cup playoff series. Whatever has gone on during the previous contests is all forgotten and the players show how sportsmanlike they are while the fans go crazy in the stands However, it seems that Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic has forgotten all about this.

After the Montreal Canadiens had disposed of the Bruins the other night in the seventh and final game of their best-of-seven Eastern Conference semifinal, the players lined up as usual at the TD Garden in Boston. When Lucic met Montreal forward Dale Weise in the lineup the television cameras showed Lucic leaning towards his opponent and saying something into his ear. Most fans figured Lucic was congratulating Weise or wishing him luck in the Eastern final series against the New York Rangers.

However, according to Weise, Lucic actually told him, “I’m going to f***ing kill you next year.” The two players went at each other pretty hard during the seven-game showdown and must have gotten on each other’s nerves on numerous occasions. Weise told the press, “You look at a guy like Shawn Thornton who has been around the league and he plays hard and he plays that role and he had good things to say to everybody. Milan Lucic just couldn’t do that. Well, I won’t get into what he said. It’s just a poor way to lose.”

Lucic was pretty steamed when he found out Weise had told the press about their on-ice conversation. He called Weise a baby for going public with it and remarked that his comments were said at the rink and they should have stayed at the rink. Many fans took to their Twitter accounts after the news broke with some of them supporting Lucic and others siding with Weise.

Some said Lucic embarrassed himself, his club, and the league, while others stated that Weise should have just kept it to himself. One thing’s for sure, millions of fans are going to tune in next season the first time Boston and Montreal meet to see if Lucic backs up his words.

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