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Tulowitzki Gets Jeter-Sized Deal
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An overrated shortstop who wears No. 2 on his jersey got a lengthy contract extension on Monday that averages just over $19 million per year, but it wasn’t Derek Jeter. The Colorado Rockies gave a boatload of money to shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, who like Jeter won a Gold Glove in 2010. At 26, Tulowitzki is 10 years younger than Jeter, but is now under contract with the Rockies for the next 10 seasons.

The timing of the Tulowitzki deal has raised more than a few eyebrows, because Tulowitzki was already under contract to the Rockies through 2013 with an option for 2014. Now he gets a seven-year, $134 million extension that will keep him a Rockie through 2020. While Tulowitzki placed 5th in the NL MVP voting the past two seasons, he’s also played in 122 games or less in two of the past three seasons.

Part of the Yankees rationale for only offering Derek Jeter $15 million a year for three seasons was that Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez is only making $11 million per year. But if the Rockies are willing to pay Tulowitzki an average of $19 million per year from 2014-2020 based on a handful of good seasons, Jeter’s demands of at least $23 million a year start to sound a bit more reasonable.

The Yankees however can afford to throw money around, while it’s hard to see how the Rockies can afford to gamble away that much money at least two years before Tulowitzki’s potential free agency would have started to rear its ugly head. The Rockies payroll has hovered around $80 million the past few seasons (about 40% of the Yankees payroll), and even assuming it gets closer to $100 million by the time Tulo’s extension kicks in, that’s still a good 20% of your payroll devoted to one injury-prone player.

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