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Top Five Sportsbooks For NFL Betting

NFL football is the most popular sport in the United States so it should come as no surprise that there is a huge demand for sportsbooks that take NFL action. Some of the best online sportsbooks on the Internet answered the call and became the top places for NFL bettors to play.

There is fierce competition in this arena and everybody will tell you that they have the best sportsbook for online NFL wagering, however, many of these companies fall short. Before we get to the top five sportsbooks in this category, lets take a look at what factors make a sportsbook great for NFL bettors.


NFL Betting Lines Available Now!

The sportsbooks that understand the importance of NFL betting are the ones that go out of their way to give you more football betting options. These should, ideally, start before the season does. Preseason betting opportunities (futures bets) give players a chance to extend their betting season and take a chance with underdog teams. While these might not technically be available during the entire off-season, there is no reason that you can’t expect your sportsbook to release their futures at least a few months before the season opener.

No matter when a sportsbook starts taking bets, it is extremely important that their NFL odds are respectable. Reputable sportsbooks should offer competitive odds with minimal juice for all NFL games and particularly for the championship matches. The Super Bowl is the most-watched sporting event in the country and every sportsbook wants to get a piece of the action. If you are playing at one of these top rated sportsbooks, however, you may have access to more betting options that you even believed were possible. An extensive selection of proposition bets can make Super Bowl Sunday even more exciting.

Finally, there are a few basic criteria that any acceptable online sportsbook needs to meet in order to qualify as a great place for NFL bettors. The first is that it should be US-friendly. NFL football is an American sport with an American fan base. If a sportsbook doesn’t accept American players, they are simply not a premier option for NFL betting. They also need to have a reputation for reliable and accurate banking, prompt customer service, and a top tier gaming interface.

If NFL betting is a priority to you, is the perfect place for you. The large 20% welcome bonus probably grabs your attention but they have much more to offer. Their selection of NFL prop bets is second to none and they release their spreads days before most other sportsbooks. This gives you a chance to start handicapping at the start of the week and a standard by which you can measure other sportsbooks as they release their odds. Based in Costa Rica,’s sportsbook has a solid track record for timely payouts and customer respect. puts a ton of effort into ensuring that they have the most variety possible when it comes to their NFL betting options. Propositions, futures, parlays, and live betting combine to give you nearly unlimited options. They also realize that US players face unique banking challenges. To take care of these hurdles, has utilized sophisticated payment processing techniques and can proudly boast the highest credit card acceptance rate in the industry.


This sportsbook is extremely well known in the online gambling community and puts its best foot forward with a streamlined user interface. Banking is a synch, even for US players, and Bodog has particularly good odds for anyone betting on NFL underdogs. If you have any interest in poker or casino gambling, this is probably the best all-around gaming business online today. As with all of the sportsbooks listed on this page, you can safely trust your bankroll – as well as your personal information – with


Bonus chasers have depended on BetUS for exclusive bonuses and promotions year after year. When you make your first deposit, you can actually get up to a 60% welcome bonus just for choosing BetUS. These bonuses are set up in a tier format so that they are more lucrative for high rollers. To further accommodate players with deep pockets, makes banking extremely easy and hassle free.


The SuperBook sportsbook is a well-rounded online bookmaker. They accept US bettors, offer regular promotions, and have a high credit card acceptance rate. SuperBook is one of the smaller sportsbooks but don’t think for a second that their reputation is questionable. They have a history of providing a high-quality gambling experience to online NFL bettors since 1996!

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