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Top 5 OnField MLB Offseason Stories – SportsUntapped.com
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Top 5 On-Field MLB Offseason Stories
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Now that spring training is upon us and the pretend games are ready to start, SportsUntapped presents a two-part series listing the Top 5 Off-Field MLB Stories and Top 5 On-Field MLB Stories of the offseason.  Yesterday, y’all get the off-field list, so today the on-field stories….

5. Cuban youngster Aroldis Chapman bizarrely signs with the Cincinnati Reds.

Patrick “Smitty” Smith gave the best explanation for the young Cuban’s strange decision.

4. Cardinals and Mets grossly overpay overrated outfielders, one who tries to catch playoff line drives with his balls, the other with no balls.

So what part of Matt Holliday’s epic NLDS nut shot made the Cardinals want to shower him with money to make him a Cardinal for life?  In 2008, Jason Bay chose to sit out several important September games with pennant race implications just to watch his wife poop out their second daughterNot that there’s much chance of the Mets having important games this September, but that money would have been better spent on Gary Sheffield.

3. Mariners acquire the 2010 AL MVP for peanuts.

I don’t think I need to ask David Glisan about the odds of Carlos Silva becoming a Cy Young winner for the Cubs.

2. Tigers ship Edwin Jackson to Arizona and Curtis Granderson to the Yankees.

This will probably hurt Jim Leyland even more than Michigan’s smoking ban.

1. Phillies trade away playoff-tested Cy Young winner for overrated sack of crap who’s never pitched a meaningful game in his life.

Philly fans will be singing the blues over this Roy “Billie” Halladay trade for years to come.

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