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Tiger’s ExSwing Coach Tells All In New Book – SportsUntapped.com
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Tiger’s Ex-Swing Coach Tells All In New Book
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Hank Haney, swing coach to Tiger Woods from 2004 to 2010, has written a book about his time with Tiger, that included Tiger’s one-legged US Open win at Torrey Pines and that whole sex scandal thing. Haney and Tiger parted ways after the 2010 Masters, which was Tiger’s first post-scandal tournament. The book, titled “The Big Miss,” is set to come out right before this year’s Masters.

The synopsis on the publisher’s website makes it sound like a somewhat scathing tale of talent wasted. “Always haunting Tiger was his fear of ‘the big miss’ – the wildly inaccurate golf shot that can ruin an otherwise solid round,” reads the synopsis. “Toward the end of Tiger and Hank’s time together, the champion’s laser-like focus began to blur and he became less willing to put in punishing hours practicing – a disappointment to Hank, who saw in Tiger’s behavior signs that his pupil had developed a conflicted relationship with the game.”

For his part, Haney isn’t sure Tiger will even read the book, but doesn’t think there’s anything in there that would upset golf’s superstar. “If he reads it, I don’t think it will be a book that bothers him,” said Haney. “Anybody who reads it will think it’s interesting, very fair and honest, and that’s what I wanted to do. I was on that job for six years. There were 110 days a year I was with him. I stayed at his house for close to 30 days a year. You make a lot of observations.”

Will there be any sordid details of all the extramarital sexing? Well, not so much, but maybe, kind of, sort of:

It’s something you can’t NOT talk about it. My last tournament was the Masters, and that was his first tournament back from the scandal. I didn’t know anything about the girls. That’s not something I could specifically comment on. Everything I comment on is what I observed and the facts I knew. I didn’t know anything about that. But I did know about how he interacted with me about that, what my observations were and other areas in terms of how I dealt with and the aftermath.

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