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Tiger Woods: ExCaddie Not Racist – SportsUntapped.com
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Tiger Woods: Ex-Caddie Not Racist
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Tiger Woods inadvertently ran into former caddie Steve Williams at a casino gym on Tuesday, just days after Williams made his infamous “shove it up his black arsehole” comment at an awards dinner in China. Tiger said the two “talked it through” and are moving forward, and Tiger definitively defended his former employee from charges of racism.

“We met face to face and talked about it, talked it through,” Tiger revealed at a press conference for this week’s Australian Open, where he’ll be competing and Williams will be carrying clubs for new employer Adam Scott. “Obviously it was the wrong thing to say, something that we both acknowledge, and now we’re moving forward. He did apologise. It was hurtful, certainly, but life goes on. We shook hands. No, Stevie is certainly not a racist, there’s no doubt about that. I think it was a comment that he shouldn’t have made and was one that he wished he didn’t make.”

Tiger reiterated that the comments were hurtful, but even left the door open when asked if he and Williams could ever rebuild their fractured relationship. “I don’t know how it could have happened but it did,” said Tiger. “It was hurtful. Life goes forward. … It is just one of those things where we’ll see what time does and, as we all know, time does heal wounds and we’ll see how it goes.”

It seems like Tiger is making the diplomatic, calculated move in trying to let the racism charges blow over, as he wouldn’t have much to gain with most of the people who buy what he endorses by playing the victim. In context, I tend to believe that Williams was showing his bitterness towards Tiger the guy who fired him not towards Tiger the African-American. What I believe Williams meant to say essentially was “I wanted to shove it up his arsehole, which happens to black, not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

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