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Tiger Sees Wife, Pisses Her Off – SportsUntapped.com
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Tiger Sees Wife, Pisses Her Off
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Last Saturday, Tiger Woods was in the same room with his estranged wife Elin for the first time in months.  Woods had arranged a belated birthday party for the couple’s three-year old daughter after missing her actual birthday because he was competing in the US Open.  But then he reportedly showed up nearly an hour late and brought his manager and another unidentified lady.

The Daily Mail reports Elin looked “calm and collected” but the couple was “barely civil” with each other.  US Magazine quotes an insider as saying Elin wants two things from the divorce: “more money than Michael Jordan’s ex got,” ($168 million) and “permission to take [their two kids] to Sweden whenever she wants.”

This weekend, Tiger returns to the links at the AT&T National in Philadelphia.  After his strong finish, Tiger’s a 3/1 favorite to win his first post-scandal tournament.

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One Response to “Tiger Sees Wife, Pisses Her Off”

  1. stephan says:

    Do you always make false quotes for headlines? This is such a bogus story that you are shameless for misinterpreting the facts. First of all, he did not “piss” his wife and second, since Tiger’s manager most likely knew Elin and the children, it stands to reason that the other woman also knew them. Tiger is not stupid enough to bring someone to Sam’s party that is a total stranger. Stupid is what this writer is that this article.

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