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Tiger & Kobe: Most Popular US Athletes

There hasn’t been much good news for Tiger Woods on the golf course lately — T23 at last week’s British Open, no wins all year, talk he could be left off the US Ryder Cup roster this fall.  But there’s at last a sign that Tiger the Brand is still strong and can bounce back from all the infidelity and divorce drama: a Harris Interactive Poll released Tuesday found Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant in a dead heat for America’s most popular athlete. Considering Kobe Bryant is a month removed from winning back-to-back NBA titles, while Tiger hasn’t won a major in over two years — that’s pretty impressive for Tiger.

Still Tiger had topped the same poll every year since 2006, so clearly all the tabloid fodder has taken a little bit out of him.  Bryant finished tied for fourth in the poll last year.

Finishing third behind Kobe and Tiger was Derek Jeter, who was also recently named MLB’s Most Marketable Player in a separate poll.  Jeter was tied with Kobe for fourth last year.

The rest of the top 10:

  • #4 Brett Favre (up from #9 last year)
  • #5 Peyton Manning (up from #7)
  • #6 LeBron James (down from #3 thanks to The Decision)
  • #7 Michael Jordan (down from #2)
  • #8 Tom Brady (wasn’t in Top 10 last year)
  • #9 Drew Brees
  • #10 Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Falling out of the list after making the Top 10 last year were Jeff Gordon and Albert Pujols.

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  1. Syrymflash says:

    Wow, there is no Wade.
    I’m shocked !!!

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