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Tiger Compares Sex Scandal To Father’s Death – SportsUntapped.com
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Tiger Compares Sex Scandal To Father’s Death
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On Tuesday, Tiger Woods struggled less on the golf course — shooting a 69 (-3) on the second and final day of a pro-am in Ireland, 10 shots better than his first round 79 (+7).  While Tiger still finished tied for 24th, seven shots behind winner Darren Clarke, breaking 70 had to be a bright spot since he’s only done it six times this year.  Where Tiger struggled was at the press conference after the pro-am.

Most of Tiger’s responses during his fifteen minute presser were short, curt, and bizarre.  One statement, however, stood out among the rest for its weirdness:

There are times in one’s life when things get put in perspective, one being when my father passed, and obviously what I’ve been going through lately.

Asked if his affairs with over a dozen women were worth it, Woods replied, “I think you’re looking too deep into this,” and refused to answer a follow-up question.

Even though the British Open is just eight days away, Woods is flying back home to Florida rather than staying in Europe.  Asked why he was staying, Tiger said simply “See my kids.”

Tiger says he’ll also practice in Florida, but I don’t like his chances at the British Open.  As of now, he’s still a 7/2 favorite to win his first major there, well ahead of Phil Mickelson at 12/1.

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2 Responses to “Tiger Compares Sex Scandal To Father’s Death”

  1. Carmen says:

    Tiger said his golf game is suffering big time for all that is happening in his personal life. Well, Tiger brought it all unto himself! The truth is that Tiger cannot find peace within himself for all the humiliation, pain and suffering that he caused his decent wife and innocent children. Tiger knows well he had his opportunity and he misused it in a very big way! Tiger knows that he destroyed his marriage, the family unit and tarnished his reputation and good name for ever for something that was so worthless!!! !!! I am glad that Elin and the children will soon be free to enjoy life again, while Tiger may continue to be a prisoner of his despicable and reckless behavior for a very long time!!!

  2. Chipster says:

    Are you without mistakes in your life? If you were in the public eye would your mistakes not be magnified by constant attention? Arnold was known as a womanizer, but the times were different, heroes were protected by the press and no TMZ.

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