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Theismann: Peyton Manning to Redskins “A Horrific Idea” – SportsUntapped.com
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Theismann: Peyton Manning to Redskins “A Horrific Idea”
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There have been plenty of rumors that Peyton Manning will be cut by the Indianapolis Colts, and one of his most talked-about landing spots has been the Washington Redskins. Not many people have said it would be a bad idea for the Redskins, who were 6-10 last year (although 2-0 against the New York Giants), but finally one of the most successful Redskins quarterbacks ever is telling it like it is.

“It’s not a good idea, it’s not a bad idea — it’s a horrific idea,” said Joe Theismann, who like Peyton Manning won one Super Bowl and appeared in another. “It would be one of the poorest things that we could do as a franchise. Are we gonna go find another guy for just a couple of years again? Haven’t we done this before? Haven’t we seen this act before? We’re tired of looking for stopgaps. It’s time to draft one of your own, or make a deal for a young one of your own and nurture him, and then put the players around him.”

Theismann’s hall of Fame coach with the Redskins, Joe Gibbs, disagrees. “I think [Peyton] would be a fit with anybody,” said Gibbs. “He can play anywhere. But I think it would be to that team’s advantage to make sure they’re putting in that same offense.”

Want the opinion of another member of the Quarterbacks Who’ve Won One Super Bowl club? “I think it becomes a coach-quarterback relationship,” said former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young. “It’s gonna be somebody [such as current Redskins coach] Mike Shanahan. You look at those guys around that really understand quarterbacks, they’re gonna be able to take advantage of all Peyton’s talents, and then you need to be a team that doesn’t have an answer right now.” But Steve, didn’t Shanahan win his Super Bowls with a washed-up John Elway, a great running game and a great defense? Why start with a washed-up quarterback?

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