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The Pope and Interpol reject FIFA cash – SportsUntapped.com
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The Pope and Interpol reject FIFA cash
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It appears FIFA is now having problems giving money away after several of its members were busted for corruption, racketeering, and money laundering among other things. Even the Pope and Interpol are turning down cash from the disgraced football organization. The Vatican, which doesn’t really need the money by the way since the Catholic Church is reportedly the richest organization in the world, has told FIFA to keep their cash after they originally agreed to take donations.

Conmebol, the South American arm of FIFA, had originally agreed to donate $10,000 to the Vatican for each goal scored and each penalty kick saved in the current Copa America tournament which is being held down in Chile. However, the Vatican has now told FIFA to forget about the agreement in light of the recent FBI charges against them, including some allegations against the organizers of the Copa America event. The donation money was supposed to be used for a youth educational program called Scholas Occurrentes, which was created back in 2013 by Pope Francis. The program is designed to use sports as a way to promote social integration through sports.

The Vatican released a statement regarding the donations which said, “Scholas will abstain from receiving any funds until the ongoing judicial investigation comes to a conclusion. We believe the current investigations are important to protect the integrity of the institutions and soccer.” By the way, the Pope hails from Argentina, who ate the favourites at 7-4 to win Copa America. The FBI recently arrested 14 people with ties to FIFA and 12 of them were from the Caribbean and Latin America.

It’s been alleged that bribes worth $110 million were given out for the television rights of four Copa America tournaments. One of those arrested on May 27 was Rafael Esquivel of Venezuela. Esquivel was one of the Conmebol members who signed the agreement to donate charity money to the Vatican. In addition, two former Conmebol presidents Eugenio Figueredo and Nicolas Leoz are also being investigated for corruption by the FBI.

Another well known organization, Interpol, which is an international police group, has also turned down money from FIFA. Interpol had originally agreed to use $22.4 million of FIFA’s money to carry out a 10-year investigation into football corruption. Interpol agreed to a deal with FIFA in May of 2011 which would see FIFA fund the police agency while it carried out an investigation. It looks like Interpol won’t need the money anyway since the FBI is now doing their work for them.

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